Mobile v9.40 Patch Info

The Fortnite Team
Heya folks,

We released our v9.40 patch on all platforms on July 17th. Following this, we noticed a stability issue that affected iOS players. We worked to resolve this issue with the release of another patch, v9.40.1 on July 18th. Unfortunately, that patch caused further issues.

What happened?
After v9.40.1 was approved and released on the App Store, it was discovered that a critical patching error blocked players from downloading the patch correctly. This resulted in the following error message: “A file corruption has occurred. Please try again.”  After investigating, we found a workaround that included uninstalling and reinstalling the game. We understand this was not an ideal experience for players who were affected and decided to work on a make good.

What did we do to fix it? 
Our team was able to resolve the error with a new patch, v9.40.2. This patch was available to all players on July 19th. Players who downloaded v9.40.1 and were affected by the patching error could now update the game correctly with no errors. As an inconvenience for having players uninstall and redownload the game, we gifted these players with 1000 V-Bucks and 15 Battle Stars on July 22nd. 

Other Mobile Issues

In this investigative process, we discovered additional login issues that had existed since the launch of v9.40 that made it difficult for mobile players to:
  • Login using console credentials.
  • Remain logged in even when “remember me” was selected. 
We have since resolved this issue with the release of v9.40.2 and apologize for the additional issues the mobile audience encountered during this release. For those of you affected by the various login issues occurring prior to the release of the fixes, we are waiting to collect the full list of affected players to rollout our follow-up grant of Battle Stars due to the set of bugs. Keep an eye on our Trello board for more information about this other make-good.  Update: as of 7/31 this make good of 30 Season 9 Battle Stars is completed.