My Hero Academia’s League of Villains Emerges in Fortnite!

The Fortnite Team

The League of Villains sends its regards! And they’ve got a special message for all you “so-called heroes.” Tomura Shigaraki, Dabi, and Himiko Toga are bringing chaos to the world of Fortnite with their Outfits and accessories in the Shop now!

Embrace Ruin and Freedom with Tomura Shigaraki

Fortnite Tomura Shigaraki

Are you ready to submit to your future king? Tomura Shigaraki was warped by the manipulative All For One and became a menace to hero society as the leader of the League of Villains. His Outfit comes with the Nomu Jr. Back Bling, and if you want to send your regards by breaking it all, the Decaying Scythe Pickaxe is also in the Shop!

If you’d rather keep a low profile while you’re up to no good, the Tomura Shigaraki Outfit has a Locker option to pull your hood like an innocent civilian. Just be careful, as the D-pad Decay Emote shows that even your controller can’t withstand the power of decay. 

Create a “Brighter” Future as Dabi 

Fortnite Dabi

Dabi’s known for using his fierce flames to take down those who believe they deserve the title “hero.” Included with his Outfit is the burning Blueflame Lighter Back Bling. The dual-wield Blueflame Sickles Pickaxe is also in the Shop — ignite Dabi’s quirk, so to speak, with these blueflame blades!

Transform into Himiko Toga

Fortnite Himiko Toga

Life can be hard, and Himiko Toga just wants to make it easier to live in this world. She brings her cheerful brand of brutality to the League of Villains and has many times transformed into those she loves the most. It’s fitting then that her Outfit includes the Transform Containers Back Bling, but you can also pair her with her favorite knife with the Himiko Toga’s Blade Pickaxe in the Shop.

Show off how adorably dangerous this knife can be with the Toga’s Glee Emote. (The Himiko Toga’s Blade Pickaxe doesn’t need to be equipped to use this Emote.) Also, don’t forget to try out the Outfit’s Locker option to remove Himiko Toga’s mask and show off her mischievous smile. 

The League of Villains is bringing destruction to Fortnite — grab them before it’s game over!

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