Mystery at Croft Manor Experience

The Fortnite Team

Lara Croft needs your help! Following her debut in this Season’s Battle Pass, Croft Manor has appeared in Fortnite Creative. Complete the Mystery at Croft Manor experience and unlock a special Lara Croft Spray.

Mystery At Croft Manor Fortnite Creative

Winston, the Croft family's trusted butler, has informed Lara that there are strange lights and effects coming from within the Manor. You must travel to the depths of this harrowing home and uncover its mysteries with your squad. Shoutout to @fn_alliance for their work on the Hub and gameplay.

The Mystery at Croft Manor experience is now live in Creative and will be featured until March 30, 2021. The experience can also be accessed via the “Mystery in Croft Manor” playlist tile. Upon entering the playlist tile you’ll find yourself in the hideout, a matchmaking hub that features the Mystery at Croft Manor game and other amazing games from the Puzzles and Platformers community callout! 

You can still play the Mystery at Croft Manor game after it’s last featured day (March 30) by entering the code 0116-9392-3142.

Complete the experience to uncover a secret redemption code that unlocks a special Spray in Fortnite. The redemption code is only usable March 23 - March 31. (

Special Lara Croft Spray Fortnite Creative

What are you waiting for? The Manor awaits.