NDA Lift and Community Pack … Let's Make Stuff!

The Fortnite Team

Greetings non-husk humanoids,

With only three more days until the NDA lift we wanted to thank all of our Alpha Explorers for their continued support and feedback throughout the Alpha. On July 20 at 10 AM EDT (3 PM CET), the NDA will be lifted and Early Access officially begins, so make sure to mark your calendars and prepare.

What does the NDA lift mean?

Glad you asked. Community members will be able to create, share and talk about Fortnite freely. To assist those who want to dive into creating awesome Fortnite content we are including a community pack below, which contains cool assets to help you on that journey.

When can I do this?

If you are an Alpha player with Founder’s Access you will be able to play and share your thoughts starting July 20. Founders who didn’t play in the Alpha will be able to hop in July 21.

Community Pack includes:

  • Logos
  • Character Renders
  • In-Game Screenshots
  • And more coming soon!

Where do I send my content*?

Always with the great questions. If you do create that Fortnite masterpiece please share it with us by emailing [email protected] or through social media on Twitter and Facebook using #FortniteCommunity. We are all members of the Fortnite community, show us your talents and you may see yourself highlighted on our channels!

*Please share only content created following OT11  to avoid any confusion to our newer players!

We are insanely excited to be able to share the game with you folks on July 20, and cannot wait to see all of the unique, beautiful and creative ways the community shows their passion.

The last question … is your squad ready?