New and Upcoming Fortnite Shop and Locker Changes

The Fortnite Team

Heya folks!

In today’s v29.20 update, we’ve made a change to how the Fortnite Shop and Locker works. 

Removing Cosmetic Color Tiers and Names

The Shop has evolved significantly to support multiple types of cosmetics and items across games, so we’re retiring the old Battle Royale-inspired system of colors and tags for cosmetic quality. Different Series of cosmetics — such as the Icon Series or Gaming Legends Series — will still be there to help you find your favorite stuff!

Upcoming: Shop Rotation Dates for Individual Cosmetics

We recently removed the overall Shop refresh timer, and instead show the Shop rotation time in every player’s unique time zone. Beginning in late May 2024, we will also add the planned date that every individual item will rotate out of the Shop to the item’s description page. 
Thanks for reading!