New “See Confrontational Emotes” Setting in Fortnite

The Fortnite Team

Hey everyone!

In April 23’s v29.30 update, we’re adding a new “See Confrontational Emotes” setting so players can choose not to see certain Emotes that are sometimes used in confrontational ways. Players who choose this will see a player using the Emote standing still, with no Emote sound.

The See Confrontational Emotes setting applies to four Emotes:

  • Laugh It Up

  • Take the L

  • Whipcrack

  • Make It Plantain

The new setting can be found under “Social Privacy” and will default to only show these Emotes from friends in your party. You can change this setting any time, so you can see these Emotes from ANY player or not at all.


Note: This setting does not change a player's ability to use any Emotes.