New Storm The Agency Challenges and More


Step out of the shadows to stake your claim. Storm The Agency now.

Free Storm The Agency Challenges

Help Renegade Shadow complete a series of free Challenges between now and the end of the Season:

  • Land at The Agency.
  • Survive 10 Storm Circles.
  • Open a faction-locked Chest at three different Spy Bases.
  • Swim over five hatches at The Agency.
  • Eliminate a Henchman at three different Safe Houses.

Completing this set of Challenges earns free rewards including the Shadow Seal Wrap, Steel Shadow Pickaxe, and Shadow Stalker Glider along with bonus XP.

Fortnite Storm The Agency Challenges and Rewards

New Renegade Shadow Outfit and Back Bling

Dress the part of Renegade Shadow. The new Outfit is now available in the Item Shop and includes the Blast Radius Back Bling. Both come with selectable styles, so you can swap how you step in and out of the shadows.

Fortnite Renegade Shadow Outfit and Blast Radius Back Bling

Immortalize the Agency Invasion: Free Giftable Loading Screen

Also available in the Item Shop is a free giftable Loading Screen of The Agency invasion raid. Grab it now and share with a friend.

The Fortnite Storm the Agency Loading Screen