NFL Quarterback & MVP Patrick Mahomes Makes a Play in the Fortnite Icon Series

The Fortnite Team

To win, you gotta have a gladiator mindset. Or just be a gladiator.

Quarterback, record-breaker, and NFL and Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes makes his next play in the Fortnite Icon Series. And since recovery is as important as putting in the work, his alter-ego Mahomes Saucy Style is also dropping in!

Both of these Outfits — as well as Patrick Mahomes accessories — will be available in the Fortnite Item Shop starting Wednesday, August 24, at 8 PM ET. But here’s the blitz: on August 23, players have the opportunity to earn the Patrick Mahomes Outfit early with the Patrick Mahomes Cup! Find out more information about this tournament, including the special Emoticon reward.

In the Pocket: Patrick Mahomes Outfit and Accessories

Make an impact with the Patrick Mahomes Outfit, which comes with two alt Styles in addition to his default, ready for practice Style:

  • Gladiator Mindset Style: Shades on and arm enhanced.

  • Gameday Gladiator Style: Fear not a sack or pass rush.

Fortnite Patrick Mahomes Outfit

All three Styles of the Patrick Mahomes Outfit. 

And make your way to the end zone final circle with the accessories related to the Patrick Mahomes Outfit:

  • Gridiron Gladiator Back Bling: Suit up for battle. (Included with the Patrick Mahomes Outfit.)

  • Snap Axes Pickaxe: Expertly handled. (Glows red when swung!)

  • Endzone Elite Wrap: Gear for your gear.

  • Showtime Emote: Back in the game.

Fortnite Patrick Mahomes Back Bling, Pickaxe, Wrap, and Emote
Speaking of showtime, here’s a clip of the Showtime Emote:

From Gameday to Rest Day: Mahomes Saucy Style Outfit and Back Bling

One day, you’re scrambling, the next, you’re putting ketchup on scrambled eggs. It wouldn’t be a Mahomes rest day if he wasn’t eating something with ketchup on it, so the Mahomes Saucy Style Outfit is also entering the Item Shop! This ketchup-embellished Outfit includes The Good Stuff Back Bling, which is, yes, a bottle of ketchup. 
 Fortnite Patrick Mahomes Saucy Style Outfit

A Different Kind of Gameday: The Patrick Mahomes Cup

Take the snap before Patrick Mahomes enters the Shop! In the Patrick Mahomes Cup — a Zero Build Squads tournament happening Tuesday, August 23 — compete with your team for a chance to earn the Patrick Mahomes Outfit (+ Gridiron Gladiator Back Bling) early. Also, collect at least eight points to unlock the Secret Sauce Emoticon!
Fortnite Patrick Mahomes Cup
Competitors can play up to ten matches within their region’s approximately three-hour time window, and the specific event timing for each region can be found in the Compete tab in-game. Scoring will work as follows in the event:

Match Placement

Victory Royale: 30 Points
2nd: 24 Points
3rd: 21 Points
4th: 19 Points
5th: 17 Points
6th: 15 Points
7th: 14 Points
8th: 13 Points
9th: 12 Points
10th: 11 Points
11th: 10 Points
12th: 9 Points
13th: 8 Points
14th: 7 Points
15th: 6 Points
16th: 5 Points
17th: 4 Points
18th: 3 Points
19th: 2 Points
20th: 1 Point

Each Elimination

1 Point
Fortnite Secret Sauce Emoticon

The Secret Sauce Emoticon.

Players must have 2FA enabled and verified on their Epic account to participate, as well as be at account level 50 or above. (You can find your account level in Fortnite’s “Career” tab.) For full details and eligibility requirements, please see the Patrick Mahomes Cup Official Rules page.

Make an impact both on and off the (battle)field!