Operation: Payload - New Fortnite Spy Games Mode!

The Fortnite Team

There’s a new Spy Game for the Chapter 2 - Season 2 rotation. Your latest assignment is Operation: Payload!


Valuable Intel has been spotted in a mysterious truck on the Island. As part of a team of eight, take turns either escorting the truck to its destination… or stopping the truck at all costs!

Finishing a round will secure you Intel to unlock more Tech, which consists of essential gear and special skills to add to your Spy Games arsenal. Obtain extra Intel by winning the round or the entire match!

You can use your Tech across all Spy Games, and with that Tech, you can upgrade yourself in ways unique to the Spy Games. For example: take up the new Sharpened Stick ability to charge your Pickaxe’s power — or equip the recent Agile Aim to stay fleet-footed when focusing on opponents. The Tech you unlock carries throughout the whole Season.


For more info on Tech and the other Spy Games, check out our Spy Games post!