Paul Atreides and Chani Travel from Planet Dune to the Fortnite Item Shop

The Fortnite Team

Dune Paul Atriedes and Chani Arrive in Fortnite

“Fear is the mind-killer.”

Destined to change the course of the universe, Paul Atreides weaves his own destiny and now, with Chani at his side, their travels take them to the heart of a battle they had not prepared for… a battle on the Fortnite Island. 

Inspired by the 2021 Dune film, Paul and Chani have arrived in the Fortnite Item Shop along with more Dune gear. Check out this video introducing you to Paul Atreides and Chani, featuring the actors who play them, Timothee Chalamet and Zendaya!

Making up the DUNE Set, here are the new items you can pick up starting October 19, at 8 PM ET:


  • Paul Atreides Outfit: Beyond fear, his destiny awaits. (Comes with an alt masked Style)
  • Chani Outfit: A powerful Fremen warrior and skilled survivalist.



  • Ornithopter Glider: Multi-winged attack ship
  • Fremkit Back Bling: Essential for survival on the harsh desert world of Dune.    
  • Chani's Satchel Back Bling: Chani's personal Fremkit.
  • Sand Walk Emote: Walk like Arrakis natives.
  • Twinblades Pickaxe: The weapon of choice for an Atreides warrior
  • Maker Hooks Pickaxe: A Fremen hook used to ride sandworms

Players can choose to purchase these items in bundles. The Dune Bundle includes the Paul Atreides Outfit, Chani Outfit, Fremkit Back Bling, and Chani’s Satchel Back Bling. It additionally includes the Stickworm Loading Screen! The Dune Gear Bundle includes the Maker Hooks Pickaxe, Twinblades Pickaxe, Ornithopter Glider, and Sand Walk Emote.

Fortnite Dune Set Of Items

Here’s the Emote in action:

And here’s the Loading Screen:

Fortnite Dune Loading Screen

Seal your own future on the Island with Paul Atreides and Chani!