Phantasm’s Level Up Quest Pack Manifests in Fortnite

By The Fortnite Team

Chapter 3 Season 3’s Level Up Quest Pack is now available in the Item Shop: Phantasm’s Level Up Quest Pack! With Level Up Quest Packs, collect a new Outfit upon purchasing the Pack, then complete Quests to earn cosmetic rewards and up to 28 levels before the end of the Season.

Phantasm's Level Up Quest Pack in Fortnite

See our FAQ below for more info on Level Up Quest Packs and Phantasm’s Pack specifically. 

Level Up Quest Pack FAQ

What do I get in a Level Up Quest Pack?

New Outfit

When you purchase a Level Up Quest Pack, you immediately unlock a new Outfit! The Outfit you unlock with Phantasm’s Level Up Quest Pack? Unsurprisingly, Phantasm! (In the Locker, take Phantasm’s hat off or put it back on.)

Quests for Cosmetics and for 28 Full Levels

A Level Up Quest Pack includes seven new Level Up Quests released every week for four consecutive weeks, a total of 28 Quests. The Level Up Quests are available from the launch of the Pack until the end of the current Season. (How many Quests that are available at the time of purchase depends on which week you purchase the Pack. No matter when you purchase it, however, you’ll have all 28 Quests by Week 4.) 

Each Level Up Quest involves collecting a hidden Level Up Token on the Island. For completing all of a week’s Quests, you’ll unlock a new cosmetic reward, making four cosmetic rewards total!

Here are all the cosmetic rewards unlockable with the Quests in Phantasm’s Level Up Quest Pack:

  • Week 1 Quests (live now): The Beyond Portal Back Bling and the Spectral Vision Wrap

  • Week 2 Quests (start August 25 at 9 AM ET): The All-Seeing Scythe Pickaxe

  • Week 3 Quests (start September 1 at 9 AM ET): Ruby Revenant Style of The Beyond Portal Back Bling and The All-Seeing Scythe Pickaxe

  • Week 4 Quests (start September 8 at 9 AM ET): Helmeted alt Style of the Phantasm Outfit

For completing each individual Level Up Quest, you’ll earn one full level. That means you can level up in the Battle Pass up to 28 times with a Level Up Quest Pack!

What happens if I purchase a Level Up Quest Pack after it’s been out more than a week?

Bought a Level Up Quest Pack during its second week of availability? You’ll have the Week 2 and Week 1 Quests available! Third week of availability? Week 3, Week 2, and Week 1. The pattern continues for the fourth week of availability. Level Up Quest Packs rema