Play in The Fortnitemares Cup to Earn Cosmetic Items

The Fortnite Team

Get your Squad together, it’s time to show out.

This weekend, you’ll have the opportunity to compete in Fortnite’s first ever PvE (Player vs Environment) tournament with the Fortnitemares Cup! Grab your Squad and start practicing in Horde Rush now!

You’ll have from October 23 05:00 UTC until October 24 17:00 UTC to play five matches of Horde Rush in the Fortnitemares Cup with your three friends and earn as many points as possible - you won’t be able to fill so have your full Squad ready to go. Compete for a chance to earn Fortnitemares-themed in-game cosmetics. Here are the point threshold you’ll be gunning for:

Loading Screen - 500 points
Feeling Wrathful Spray - 1000 points
Ghoul-d Game Emoticon - 2000 points
Prizes may take up to 3 weeks or longer to award for all players.

EN 18BR S18 FortnitemaresCupSocial Social

Each 1,000 points you score in Horde Rush will count as 1 tournament point. The cumulative score from the five games will be converted into tournament points and place you on the global leaderboard.

Get off to a bad start with your current Squad or just want to keep shooting for a higher score? Feel free to swap teammates to try again with no punishment - each Squad combination will count separately on the leaderboard. With that said, qualifying players will only be awarded 1 of each prize category (so for example, if you earn 2,000 points as a member of 2 different Squads, you will only be awarded 1 Loading Screen, 1 Feeling Wrathful Spray, and 1 Ghoul-d Game Emoticon).

As always, you’ll need to make sure you have 2FA enabled on your Fortnite account. You can check your account level information on the Career tab in-game.  For full details and eligibility requirements, please read the Fortnitemares Cup Rules.