Alpha Player of the Week - MSGTFox


The Fortnite Team is lucky to have so many players who eagerly share their time learning Fortnite and helping other players. MSGTFox is one of those players. "MSGTFox has been a staple in our community, almost since the beginning of Alpha. He has been incredibly helpful to new players in Global Chat and wrote a lot of great guides.", said Senior Community Manager Will Kinsler. "We're fortunate to have him be part of our community!"

These are some of the reasons Steve "MSGT" Fox is this week's player of the week. 

Fortnite%2Fblog%2Fplayer-of-the-week---msgt-fox%2FDSC_112_125x125_1501683869718-125x125-e3396a70d9ac3d8798554ab6ffde84af13b1d3d9Flak: We're guessing your real name isn't MSGTFox, correct?

MSGTFox: My real name is Steve

F: How long have you been playing Fortnite?

M: Two years now, I think I got my key back in March 2015, it's been a wild journey!

F: What made you decide to start playing?

M. I decided to play Fortnite because I wanted a new co-op game to play with my best friends.

F: Which hero class is your favorite?

M: It's hard to choose between Constructor, and Soldier, but Constructor is my favorite.


F: What is it that you like about the Constructor?

M: Constructor is my favorite hero because their BASE helps so much. The damage reduction perks, and reflecting damage back, help more than people think!

F: Do you have any secrets you'd like to share about using the Constructor?

M: The best secret when it comes to constructor is, BASE placement is key. Place it where your base will be attacked the most, and always leave a spot open for it!

F: What is it that you like most about Fortnite?

M: I like Fortnite's co-op aspect. There are many PVP based games, but I love playing co-op games where I can play together with my friends and work towards a goal. The co-op aspect of Fortnite is one of the best things about it! Everyone can contribute to finish a mission.

F: Which Husk scares you the most?

M: The Husks that scare me the most? Hmm... Husky Husk, or Lobbers. They scare me because they make my beautiful buildings disappear, if they're not kept in check.

F: Do you have any hobbies or anything you’d like to share with the community?


M: I'm a hobbyist photographer, I love capturing the beautiful world outside of video games, whether it be animals, landscapes, or like most recently, the 4th of July. I also create YouTube videos as a hobby to entertain people, to make them laugh and brighten their day.

F: Can you share any secrets about Fortnite that could help new players? 

M: The best secret to me, is how to build a basic pyramid. Once you learn how to do that, you learn a very cost effective base defense structure. The pyramids are cheap to build because they're small and easy to manage. You can go from side to side to protect it quickly, and they're cheap to upgrade since there are not many pieces to them!

Thank you to MSGTFox! We’ll be sending him some awesome Fortnite swag as thanks. Keep watching the Fortnite Blog for more Player of the Week interviews!