PSA: Fortnite Map Locations Not Translated in 19.10

The Fortnite Team

A bug present in Fortnite Update 19.10 is causing Locations, Points of Interest and Landmarks on the Battle Royale map to appear in English instead of in your selected language. The names of these Locations will not match the named locations in Quests, but Quests can still be completed as normal.

Tracking a Quest, placing a marker on the minimap, or viewing the Quest in your Quest tab will appear at the correct location, and all objectives and Discovery XP are still available.

Here’s a list of all Points of Interest on the map and how they may appear in-game. We’ll provide an update to this article when the issue is resolved.

In-Game Location Translated Location
Logjam Lumberyard Logjam Lumberyard
Sleepy Sound Sleepy Sound
Shifty Shafts Shifty Shafts
The Daily Bugle The Daily Bugle
Coney Crossroads Coney Crossroads
Camp Cuddle Camp Cuddle
Tilted Towers Tilted Towers
Sanctuary Sanctuary
Greasy Grove Greasy Grove
Rocky Reels Rocky Reels
The Joneses The Joneses
Condo Canyon Condo Canyon
Chonker's Speedway Chonker's Speedway