Return Requests in Fortnite Will Now Refresh over Time

The Fortnite Team

Hi, all!

Starting today with the release of v18.20, “Lifetime Return Requests” have become simply “Return Requests.” So what’s different?

In cases where you would like to return an item purchased with V-Bucks, you have three Return Requests. If you use one, it will refresh 365 days following the most recent Return Request that was refreshed (up to a maximum of 3 Return Requests). Only items purchased with V-Bucks within the last 30 days are eligible for refund. Consumable items — such as the Battle Pass, Battle Pass Levels, or Llamas — are not returnable. 

Fortnite Return Request Menu

Return Requests are available via the Account and Privacy menu. If you made a Return Request before the release of v18.20, you've received one additional Return Request with the update.

Thank you for playing Fortnite!