Rocket Racing v28.20 Swerves In with Advanced Tracks!

The Fortnite Team

Ready, set, boost! Buckle up and blast off on two Advanced tracks in Rocket Racing v28.20. These tracks will have you drifting through twists and turns, perfect for showing off new colors of the Drift Smoke Trail! Unlock these colors by proving you’re a pro racer in new Quests. 

Rocket Racing v28.20

Accelerate on Advanced Tracks

You better get comfortable in the driver’s seat — v28.20 brings two Advanced tracks that’ll test your rocket racin’ ability: 

Festive Falls 2

Fan of Festive Falls? Well let the festivities continue! But don’t think Festive Falls 2 will be just one long party — this Festive Falls follow-up is packed with hazards all the way to the finish line. Brave its bends in ranked racing once you reach Platinum I!

Rocket Racing v28.20 Festive Falls 2

Day Drifting 2

The second track, Day Drifting 2, isn’t suitable for a Sunday drive. This sequel to Day Drifting features an unrelenting, winding road you’ll have to master driving sideways. Make sure you don’t day dream at the wheel — Day Drifting 2 is unlocked once you reach Platinum I in ranked racing.
Rocket Racing v28.20 Day Drifting 2

New Quests, New Drift Smoke Colors

Smoke your rivals with new paint colors! Seven Ranked Challenges have been added to the Season Zero Tune Up Quests, tasking you to show off your all-star status. The objective of each Challenge is to complete a certain number of races at a certain rank tier. For example:

  • Complete 10 races at Gold tier or above (Unlocks the Orange Drift Smoke Trail)

Each Challenge awards a new Drift Smoke Trail color upon completion. Take on the Challenges to add more colors to your collection! All the Season Zero Tune Up Quests — including the Ranked Challenges — are available until March 26, 2024, at 12 AM ET.

Update (March 6, 2024):
The Season Zero Tune Up Quests will now be available until April 9, 2024, at 12 AM ET!

Rocket Racing v28.20 Drift Smoke Paint Colors

Some of the unlockable Drift Smoke paint colors.

Major Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • We’ve heard your feedback on collisions (both player-to-player and colliding with the environment) throughout Season Zero and agree. We’re continuing to improve these and have made collisions far less extreme in v28.20. Let us know what you think of these changes!

  • Driving into a hazard no longer turns off throttle for the duration of the hazard effect. It now applies a higher speed reduction penalty and imposes reduced acceleration so it doesn’t interfere with drifts.

    • We'll be monitoring how this improvement shakes out across Season Zero. Please give us your feedback on if this adjustment improves the racing experience.

  • We’ve added a setting for icon-only nameplates.

  • Fixed an issue where spectators were sometimes removed for being idle as a race was finishing.

  • Fixed an issue where going Turbo after speed boosting or drafting would cause you not to gain as much speed as intended.

  • Image quality is now improved on the post-race screen.


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