The Fortnite Team
It's that time of year, Commanders!

Holly Jolly Ransom Quest Line

Time to decorate trees, sing holiday songs, and… resolve hostage situations? Help Homebase’s Heroes rescue Crackshot in the new Holly Jolly Ransom questline.

Frostnite Returns!

Stay warm during this long winter night! Keep the Burner filled with scavenged BluGlo because when it runs out, things get real cold, real quick. As the burner health decreases the Storm Shield shrinks, so fill ‘er up! 

Survive as long as you can with only your basic starting weapons, schematics, and wits to protect you.

The Krampus Smashers who dwell in these cold regions are dangerous but worth the fight, dropping some much needed BluGlo. Be on the lookout for weekly challenges in the coming weeks!


Jingle Jess 

Nobody is too cool for Christmas, not even Jess!
  • Standard Perk: Bear with Me
    • Increases T.E.D.D.Y duration by 4 seconds.
  • Commander Perk: Bear with Me+
    • Increases T.E.D.D.Y duration by 12 seconds.

Sentry Gunner Krampus

He’s not here for the presents!
  • Standard Perk: Racking up the Coal
    • Each R.O.S.I.E elimination increases R.O.S.I.E damage by 4%, up to a maximum of 30 stacks.
  • Commander Perk: Racking up the Coal+
    • Each R.O.S.I.E elimination increases R.O.S.I.E damage by 12%, up to a maximum of 30 stacks.

Ginger Blaster 

Gumdrops? Yes please! A potent and quick revolver with modest recoil that drops healing gumdrops on Husks elimination.


Crackshot, The Holiday Soldier, Returns!

“HEY! Who kidnapped me?” - Crackshot
  • Standard Perk: Mad Tidings
    • Firing a ranged weapon grants 1 stack of Holiday Spirit, up to 50 stacks. Each stack of Holiday Spirit increases Ranged Weapon Damage by 1% but decreases Weapon Stability by 0.2%. Buff removed on weapon swap or reload.
  • Commander Perk: Mad Tidings+
    • Firing a ranged weapon grants 1 stack of Holiday Spirit, up to 50 stacks. Each stack of Holiday Spirit increases Ranged Weapon Damage by 2.9% but decreases Weapon Stability by 0.7%. Buff removed on weapon swap or reload.


The Paper Shredder

You don’t want to be in the way when this paper airplane goes off! This pistol uses shells 'n' slugs to launch a slow-moving paper airplane that damages groups of enemies when it explodes.


Snowball Launcher

Those aren’t just any ordinary snowballs… Lob grenades that damage and knockback groups of enemies with the Snowball Launcher!

Available from the weekly store starting December 12th until December 18th at 7 PM Eastern Time.


Winter Llama

Even the Llamas are filled with the holiday spirit. Break out the cocoa and bust open this Llama to unlock festive Heroes and Weapons. The more the merrier!


General’s Bootcamp

“Best defense? Better offense? Let’s have both! We’re gonna need it. We’ve got Smarter Smashers, and Husks Healing Husks headed our way. We’re in for a frosty fight, Commanders” - The General

Homebase protocol dictates that Heroes be in tip top shape to deal with the new threats of the Husks. The General has supercharged Homebase’s max level Heroes with more ability damage (up to +72% Ability Damage), reinforced Health and Shields (up to +42%), and significantly faster harvesting in late Twine Peaks.

Clip’s Corner

“Let’s talk traps and weapons. I went ahead and fixed up your Ward Trap. I was thinking we could use something to take out lobber skulls and propane tanks, so say goodbye Ward Trap, and hello Anti-Air Trap. 

We tweaked the Gas Traps to have a tighter focus. They no longer deal DoT, so make sure you find a way to keep the husks under under your traps. And if you’re like me, and you hate getting swarmed by thousands of angry bees, you’ll be happy to know you can now use Gas Traps to take out bee swarms.

In the latest round of testing, our Launcher Traps aren’t able to get smashers off the ground. The problem is, Smashers are huge. 

Finally, I toned down The Storm King’s Wrath a bit. Guess I didn’t know my own strength when I made that one. It still packs a punch, but I’ve made it eligible for a reset. 

Keep up the good fight out there!” - Clip

Director’s Update

“One of the side effects of being a Business Wolf… is wolflike efficiency! ” - Director Riggs

Players will now be able to decide what rarity of items that are auto recycled via the settings option. Additionally, if you don’t own the item that you are trying to recycle in your collection book, it will automatically be added there for you to prevent any accidental recycling.