Save the World Roadmap | 8.9.2019

The Fortnite Team
Hey Everyone!

We’re back with another Save the World roadmap! We hope you all are dancing to your heart's content! Here’s a peek at some of the new highlights in the coming updates:

v10.10 (Week of 8/14)

  • Thunder Thora Returns!
    • Bringing the thunder to the ground!
  • Penny takes over the Van!
    • Join Penny as she Hits the Road as this weeks van driver.
  • SMG Weapon Type
    • We are adding a new weapon subclass: SMG’s. SMGs will become their own weapon type rather than sharing the assault rifles or pistol weapon type and will introduce more flexibility in gameplay as SMGs will work with a mixture of existing assault rifle and pistol Hero Perks.
    • For Heroes that have assault rifle / pistol perks that were NOT changed to work with SMGs, resets will be available in case players invested for a specific combination of Hero Loadout and Weapons.
    • Weapons that changed weapon type (becoming SMGs) will also have free resets in case players want to use a different weapon with their Hero loadout instead of adjusting their Hero loadouts.
    • All Defenders who could use assault rifles or pistols before can now use SMGs as well. Defender perks that boosted assault rifle or pistol damage will now also boost SMG damage.

v10.10  Content Update  (Week of 8/21) 

  • V6 (Rat Rod) Rocket Launcher
    • Rev up with the V6 Rocket Launcher, offering high damage and fire rate, this baby smokes the competition! 
  • Cloaked Star hops in the driver’s seat!
    • Following along with Cloaked Star as he pilots the van this week.

V10.20 (Week of 8/28)

  • Carbide returns!
    • Remember me? 
  • New Narrative Questline
  • New Rad Hero
    • Complete the new narrative Questline to earn the raddest Hero of them all! 
  • New Trap!
    • You can dance if you want to... you can leave those Husks behind.
  • New Llama
    • What better to compliment the Rad Hero other than a new….. Rad Llama! Exchange 500 Hit the Road tickets and get your rock on with 4 new Rad Heroes and 5 Boombox Weapons. 
  • Round 2 for Quinn!
    • Quinn takes the van over for part 2 of her adventure.

During Season 9 we extended the maximum level of Twine Peaks and changed how Mission Alerts work. These changes haven’t worked out as well as we’d hoped, so we’re making some significant improvements to them in Update v10.10. Missions (including Group Missions) in the upper half of Twine are going to reward Evolution and Perk Materials far more often, and the quantities of Perk Materials that they award will be scaled up considerably.  

Additionally, we're increasing the number of Minibosses and Mutant Storms that appear in all 4 locations, and every Group Mission should now receive a Mega Alert. Mission Alerts that appear in the upper half of Twine Peaks will be less likely to award XP, and much more likely to award Evolution and Perk Materials, and while Miniboss Alerts will not award weapons/Heroes/Survivors as much as a result, the ones that do appear have gotten a rarity boost (no more Rares!), and will be much more likely to be a direct reward instead of a Transform Key. We are also increasing the quantity of Perk and Evolution Materials that they award (and smoothed out the scaling a bit across all locations).

Stay Awesome Community!