Save The World | v21.10 Homebase Status Report

The Fortnite Team
Summer temperatures are climbing, and Homebase is feelin’ the heat! Get the scoop on v21.10’s returning Venture season, Hero Quests, and new Starter Pack.

Kick Up Dust in the Blasted Badlands

16StW BlastedBadlands Social

The Blasted Badlands Venture season is back in v21.10, complete with the Rage Meter modifier, Venture Level rewards, and returning Venture Challenge Quests. The Rage Meter modifier prevents energy from regenerating on its own, while also dramatically reducing your ability cooldowns and increasing their damage. Low on juice? Eliminating Husks refills your energy bar. Energy management is the name of the game in the Blasted Badlands


Time to Hit The Road

13StW HitTheRoadLoading Social

Escort characters with unique modifiers in the Hit The Road Questline and keep the van vibes rollin’. First up is Quinn; her modifier boosts your shield’s regeneration with “Shields Up!” Next on deck, Crackshot’s “Concussive Shieldbreak'' knocks enemies back when your shield runs out. As their road trip continues, each character’s modifier will grow and evolve. Hitch a ride and help broadcast their Songs of the Summer!

Complete each stage of Hit The Road for awesome rewards. Help out Quinn and nab Rex Jonesy, a Soldier equipped with the “Saurian Might” perk that boosts ranged damage based on your current health, and the fast-firing boombox Staccato Shotto shotgun for assisting Crackshot! Also on board is the Rad Llama. Exchange 500 Hit The Road tickets and crack one open for an assorted bundle of four Rad Heroes and five Boombox Weapons.

Dennis is Back

13StW Dennis Social
Burger boss turned Hero - Dennis’ Impostor Questline follows his journey from survivor to warrior! With the unique perk Burger Buff, turn your eliminations into tasty Burgers for health and energy regen.

Meet Toni

20STW SkateParkRoyalty MOTD 1920x1080

The Skate Park Royalty Pack is now available! With chill confidence and effortless style, Toni rules the ramps. Drop in and carve your own way with the new Pack featuring:
  • Toni Outfit
  • Ollie-Oop Back Bling
  • Inline Impactor Pickaxe
And in Save The World specifically:
  • Access to “Save the World” PvE Campaign
  • Toni Challenges: Earn up to 1,500 V-Bucks by completing Save the World daily quests
Challenges are unlocked after having completed the "Homebase Stormshield Defense 3" mission in the "Save the World" campaign.

Note: The cosmetic items of this Pack will be shared through Battle Royale, Save the World, and Creative. This new Pack will have no impact on existing Founder daily login rewards or their V-Bucks earned, which is exclusive to early access Founders. These Outfits may appear in the Item Shop in the future.

Survivors, Survivors Everywhere

In 21.00, we adjusted Rescue The Survivor missions. As soon as you rescue all Survivors the mission will end, cutting out your time waiting for the mission timer to finish counting down.

With 21.10 we’re continuing improvements in this area, fixing some interactions where Survivors wouldn’t spawn and adding more camps so you can save ‘em all! We’ve also modified this mission to spawn more survivors than is needed to earn the Platinum badge, making them easier to find and giving you some flexibility when rescuing everyone.


Consumable Changes

  • Consumable food for Wildlife now drops from containers in addition to normal loot like crafting materials and ammo, instead of replacing them.
  • The stack size of all consumables have increased to 999 so each type takes up only a single inventory slot.