Save the World | v21.40 Homebase Status Report

The Fortnite Team
As the Blasted Badlands Venture season draws to a close, Hit the Road’s van tour reaches its final stop!

Hit the Road Final Stretch

Third time’s the charm — Quinn’s back at it again to drop some Husks. This week, complete her encore for a reward of Gold, Llama Tickets, and the special 2020 Hit the Road Loading Screen! Boost your shield regeneration with her upgraded “Shields Up!” modifier as you blast your song of the summer across the Badlands.

Fortnite 2020 Hit The Road Loading Screen

Then starting August 22, 2022, at 8 PM ET, our last driver Beat Bot wraps up the tour through the Strangelands! Load up the van because Beat Bot’s broadcast has a ton of modifiers enabled: 
  • Frenzied - Enemies move and attack 25% faster.
  • Slowing Pools - Eliminated enemies spawn a pool that slows Commanders.
  • Quickshot - Ranged weapons do more damage and reload faster.
  • Sprinters - Commanders have increased movement speed.
Help Beat Bot out and secure Gold, Llama Tickets, and the stylish 2019 Hit the Road Loading Screen!

Fortnite 2019 Hit The Road Loading Screen

And don’t forget to trade in your remaining Hit The Road tickets for a Rad Llama and crack open an assorted bundle of Rad Heroes and Boombox Weapons to pump up the volume. Soldier hero Tactical Assault Sledgehammer and the powerful pistol Hot Mix will also be making an appearance in the Event Store on August 21 and August 28, respectively.

Blasted Badlands Venture Wraps Up 

16StW BlastedBadlands Social

Your tour of the Blasted Badlands is almost complete! Be sure to rank up your Venture season level by completing any remaining Quests and snag any rewards you’ve been eyeing before the next Venture begins. Similarly, questlines like Beyond the Stellar Horizon and Tales of Beyond will wrap up at the same time.

Major Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue in which Loot Crows were not dropping Epic or Legendary loot when eliminated.
  • When playing as Fennix, his Back Bling should now appear in the Locker (once you’ve evolved the Hero and unlock it).
  • Fennix has been added to the Collection Book.
  • Beyond the Stellar Horizon landmark missions should now have Combat, Utility, Building, and Exploration badges.
  • Fixed some bad interactions with melee weapons with leap attacks when crouching, sliding, or sprinting.
  • TEDDY no longer shoots backwards or sideways, and now rotates to face the target before opening fire.