Save The World | v22.20 Homebase Status Report

The Fortnite Team

Hexslyania may be intimidating, but braving through it will lead to some tasty rewards. Also, Dusk and the Ghost Pistol return along with the next questline for Hexslyania: Bladey Acres! As an early reminder, this Venture Season will end November 20, 2022, at 8pm ET, so be sure to collect all the rewards before then.


She may try to draw you in with her mysterious allure, but don’t get too close — this creature of the night’s bite siphons Health from her enemies. Dusk’s Standard Perk, Phase Siphon, allows her to dash through enemies with Phase Shift and heals 12 base Health per enemy passed through. Her Commander Perk, Phase Siphon+, increases the healing while dashing through enemies with Phase Shift to 36 base Health.

11StW SanguineDusk Social

"Creatures of the night pack a dangerous bite." - Dusk


Bring the Haunts to the Mist Monsters with Homebase's favorite Ghostly weapon... the Ghost Pistol!StW06 Social GhostPistol


Welcome to the Bladey Acres summer camp. It won’t be all fun and games, though, as the camp just so happens to be loaded with dangerous, sharp objects… Don’t let this imminent slasher thriller scare you away from completing this questline, as doing so will reward you with everyone’s favorite Bloodhaven Pyrotechnic alumni: Raven!  The questline will become available on October 17 at 8 PM ET. 11StW Raven Social


"I’m still outside..." - Raven


Bloodfinder A.C. returns to the Event Store on October 24 at 8 PM ET!

 Bloodfinder A.C.’s Standard Perk, Iron Knuckles, increases Anti-Material Charge damage to enemies by 75%. And his Commander Perk, Iron Knuckles+, increases Anti-Material Charge damage to enemies by 225%.BR06 Social Bloodfinder

"My Knuckles leave an even worse mark than my fangs." - Bloodfinder A.C.

Major Bug Fixes

A number of important bug fixes were included in the v22.20 game update, including:

  • Players will again gain credit when saving survivors in the Party of 25 daily Quest.
  • Fixed an issue with the secret door in the Crypts.
  • Fixed an issue with the Deliver the Bomb mission that caused the tracks to not fully connect.
  • Players are again able to navigate the menu when selecting a survivor in the Survivor Squads after selecting a hex.