Save the World | Homebase Status Report 12.14.2021

The Fortnite Team
Attention Commanders!

Hope you are ready for a Status Report more loaded than a holiday stocking!

To start, we would like to drop an early heads up that the Winterfest Ventures Season will wrap up on January 24 2021, giving you plenty of time to collect the rewards this Ventures has to offer.

Now a note about XP in STW: As mentioned previously, XP earnings in STW will be adjusted with every new Season. So far in this Season, XP earnings in STW has not quite hit the mark we desire. Because of this, Commanders will now see a noticeable increase in XP awarded for completing missions!

Now let’s dive in, Homebase Status Report - Initiate!

Coming December 18 (7 PM ET) - The Pain Train Makes a Stop in the Event Store and the Weekly Frostnite Challenges Get Super Heated!

Fortnite Save The World The Pain Train Assault Rifle Jpg

The Pain Train

Slow and steady wins the race! Assault rifle with a slow rate of fire that packs a punch per shot.

Fortnite Save The World Frostnite Super Heated Banner Jpg

Frostnite Challenges Week 4: Super Heated

We need some warmth in this brutal wintry biome, but this is going a bit too far. The Burner is heating up so much that just being near it will make you feel the burn. Keep yourself and structures at a safe distance from the burner, or feel its burning hot intensity. Completing this challenge will reward you with the sweet pistol, the Ginger Blaster. 

Fortnite Save The World Ginger Blaster Jpg

The Ginger Blaster

Not only does this frosting covered pistol pack a potent punch, but it will also drop some healing gumdrops after Husk eliminations! 

Fortnite Save The World Winter Llama Jpg

The Llama Store Wishes You a Happy Holidays!

Be sure to check the Llama Store daily beginning on December 18 at 7pm ET through January 1. An extra special Llama will be available from December 23 through December 25.

Who knows what kind of gifts these four legged bundles of joy may give!

Coming December 25 (7 PM ET) - Santa’s Little Helper Comes Down the Event Store’s Chimney, and Get Ready for a Special Delivery in Week 5 of the Frostnite Challenges

Fortnite Save The World Santas Little Helper Jpg

Santa’s Little Helper

Here comes Clip’s gift exchange contribution. This present launcher gives your enemies the joy of an explosive knockback.

Fortnite Save The World Frostnite Special Delivery Banner Jpg

Frostnite Weekly Challenge 5: Special Delivery 

The BluGlo is tapped and isn’t found in the environment. Venture out and defend the newly deployed BluGlo dispensers to keep that burner filled! Completing this challenge will unlock the expert toymaker, Ted.

Fortnite Save The World Ted Jpg


“Just doing my best...” - Ted
  • Standard Perk: First Cup of The Day
    • While Goin' Commando is active, increase Crit Rating by 10 and Crit Damage by 100%.
  • Commander Perk: First Cup of The Day +
    • While Goin' Commando is active, increase Crit Rating by 10 and Crit Damage by 100%. In addition, eliminating 5 enemies heals you and nearby allies for 97 base health.

Coming January 1 (7 PM ET) - Monks Swings into the Event Store, Top It Off in Week 6 of the Frostnite Challenges, and End the Holidays in Style with the Red Willow’s Eve Questline 


Fortnite Save The World Monks Jpg



“Ohh Ohh Ahh Ahh” - Monks
  • Standard Perk: Monkeying Around
    • Kunai Storm throws 6 banana peels that last for eight seconds and knock down and stun enemies for 2.3 seconds.
  • Commander Perk: Monkeying Around+
    • Kunai Storm throws 15 banana peels that last for eight seconds and knock down and stun enemies for 2.3 seconds, dealing 12 base damage.


Frostnite Weekly Challenge 6: Top It Off

We are getting close to the end of the Frostnite challenges, and the Storm is picking up in intensity! Not only is the Storm closing in faster, but it is also doing increased damage; you are gonna wanna keep that burner filled if you want to survive this chilling Frostnite Challenge.  

Completing this edition of Frostnite will award you with the quick and efficient Frostbite Sniper!


Frostbite Sniper

Deliver the icy shot with the Frostbite Sniper Rifle. A semi-automatic rifle that can be fired quickly and is scoped for additional down sights accuracy.

Red Willow's Eve

It has been another great holiday at Homebase! The one downside to that is all this holiday celebration has caught the attention of every single husk and Mist Monster in the world! Help Crackshot and the Crew prevent Homebase’s inevitable doom, and you will be rewarded with the friendly ghostly outlander, Red Willow.

Red Willow

“Have a very scary holiday!” - Red Willow
  • Standard Perk: Holiday Surprise
    • At the end of Phase Shift triggers an explosion, dealing 20 base energy damage in a .75 tile radius. 
  • Commander Perk: Holiday Surprise+
    • At the end of Phase Shift trigger an explosion, dealing 20 base energy damage in a .75 tile radius. Additionally, Phase Shift has a 60% chance to conjure a Phantasm.


EN 18BR STW RoboKevin Pack 1920x1080


The Robo Kevin Pack


Homebase’s triangular technologist has made the ultimate upgrade to his favorite nifty gadget - himself! 

The Robo-Kevin Pack brings a new Hero and Outfit, the Whirrr Backbling, the Power Pick Pickave, the Robo-Kevin Challenges and access to Save the World. These exclusive Save the World challenges will earn you 1,000 V-Bucks and 1,000 X-Ray Tickets.

The Cosmetic items of this Pack will be shared through Battle Royale, Save the World and Creative game modes. This new Pack series will have no impact on existing Founder daily login rewards or their V-Bucks earned, which is exclusive to early access Founders. These outfits may appear in the item shop in the future.

Happy Holidays, Commanders