Save the World | Homebase Status Report 3.1.2022

The Fortnite Team
Attention Commanders,

We have quite the wild Status Report for you today, so let's hop right in. Homebase Status Report - Initiate! 

Wildlife has torn its way into Save the World, and take on the new Brawl of the Wild Questline

Good news! The Wildlife of the land has begun to adapt to The Storm's forces and are now re-emerging into the environment. The flip side of this good news though… Some of the local Wildlife aren’t very friendly- yet. Confronting these beasts is very dangerous, but learning how to work with them may be the key to fighting back against The Storm.

Use bait to make friends with the Wildlife, or take the more defensive approach.. And by that I mean  hide in the shadows while they pick their own fights with the Husks. Either way, the day is ours!

Creature Taming 101: In order to tame an aggressive creature, throw a consumable like meat, corn, or mushrooms near it; while they are too distracted by the bait to focus on attacking you, go up and interact with them. This act of kindness shows the Wildlife that you are a friend, not food, which will encourage them to follow your lead. 

Homebase has got your back in terms of weapon slot usage. We’ve added a new consumables slot for things like the newly added pet consumables, M80s, Impulse Grenades, Port-A-Forts, etc. 

One thing we considered when making these new consumables was to not break existing Hero Loadouts that specifically focus on using consumables. Things like Coconuts, Sub Wafers, and Cannonballs will remain bound to weapon slots to prevent any clashing with pet consumables.

Note: Coconuts, Cannonballs and Sub Wafers will be able to be slotted in the consumables slot in a future update to further free up weapons space.

Tamed Wildlife will help you for the remainder of the mission, but once you return to your Homebase, they will return to the wild. Commanders can tame only one Wildlife at a time, so choose your companion wisely!

Now that you know how to tame them, let’s formally introduce you to the new members of our ecosystem.


The iconic apex predator! Wolves are very well balanced combatants as they can take a decent punch and do decent damage as well.

Wolves have wide jaws, making their bite capable of damaging multiple enemies at once! This can be very advantageous when fighting against packs of Husk.



An ancient and powerful creature has returned. Raptor’s razor sharp claws give their enemies a nice dose of Affliction

Affliction causes damage over time, which makes it very useful vs high health enemies such as Bosses and Mist Monsters.



These stocky creatures do not deal as much damage as a wolf or raptor but they can still easily dispose of smaller Husks and are strong enough to push around those beefy Huskies with their ferocious charge! Thanks to their sturdy build, Boars can soak up a lot of damage.

Boars make great allies outside of combat as well; they will go out of their way to dig up hidden loot for their favorite Commanders!



Naturally, Chickens aren’t suited for combat, but they can still provide quite the helping hand- or wing in this case.  Grabbing onto a Chicken will allow you to glide when jumping or falling from a distance.



Sadly, Crows don’t make very good friends… But word has it that hunting these foul fowls may reward you with valuable loot. 

Keep your eye out for the Crows that glow purple or orange, they will provide high rarity loot!



Like the Crows, Frogs aren’t the kind of creature that will want to help out; but at least their meat makes perfect bait!


Brawl of the Wild Questline

The Homebase Crew needs your help in dealing with the outbreak of Wildlife! Hunt them, tame them, electronically communicate with them (you'll have to ask Dennis about that one). Do whatever it takes to adjust to our new furry neighbors. Completing this Questline will reward you with the mysterious wolf lady, Gia! 

Fortnite Save The World Outlander Gia


“I’ll show you how to run with wolves”- Gia
  • Standard Perk: Vital Bond
    • Tamed Wildlife heals the player for 15% their damage, on attack.
  • Commander Perk: Vital Bond+
    • Tamed Wildlife heals the player for 30% times their damage, on attack. Heroes heal their Tamed Wildlife for 15% their damage, when they deal damage.

Coming March 6 (7 PM ET) - Battle Hound Jonesy unleashes into the Event Store, and watch the doors in the Shortcut.

StW07 Social BattleHoundJonsey

Battle Hound Jonesy

“ I have a bone to pick with The Storm”- Battle Hound Jonesy
  • Standard Perk: Rucksack
    • Increases Frag Grenade maximum charges by
  • Commander Perk: Rucksack+
    • Increases Frag Grenade maximum charges by

Fortnite Save The World Wargames Shortcut


Teleporting Husks are a-door-able… but their elements? Not so much! Strange doors appear near the enemy spawners. When husks get near one of these doors they are teleported to one of the exit doors closer to your fort. Beware! Husks that travel through these doors gain elemental effects.


Coming March 13 (7 PM ET) - Staredown Southie gazes into the Event Store and get to upgrading in the Cram Session

Fortnite Save The World Staredown Southie

Staredown Southie

“ Yeah I’m staring at you…Got a problem with that?”- Staredown Southie
  • Standard Perk: Bear Stare
    • T.E.D.D.Y fires lasers (from his eyes!) every 2 second(s), dealing 23 base energy damage.
  • Commander Perk: Bear Stare+
    • T.E.D.D.Y fires lasers (from his eyes!) every 2 second(s), dealing 48 base energy damage.

Fortnite Save The World Cram Session

The Cram Sessions

  • Level-up and evolve your favorite items during the Cram Session mini-event.
  • For the duration of the event, Mini-Boss Mission Alerts will drop additional XP, Evolution Material, RE-PERK, or PERK-UP rewards instead of one.
  • Mini-Boss Mission Alerts will continue to drop Tickets.
  • Added four series of quests, each of which has ten stages that grant increasingly better one-time rewards upon completion. (Hero/Schematic/Survivor XP, Evolution Materials, PERK-UPs, or Gold).
  • Cram Session will be available from March 13 through April 4.

EN 18BR STW RoboKevin Pack 1920x1080

The Robo-Kevin Pack


Homebase’s triangular technologist has made the ultimate upgrade to his favorite nifty gadget - himself. 

The Robo-Kevin Pack brings a new Hero and Outfit, the Whirrr Backbling, the Power Pick Pickaxe, the Robo-Kevin Challenges and access to Save the World. These exclusive Save the World challenges will earn you 1,000 V-Bucks and 1,000 X-Ray Tickets.

The Cosmetic items of this Pack will be shared through Battle Royale, Save the World and Creative game modes. This new Pack series will have no impact on existing Founder daily login rewards or their V-Bucks earned, which is exclusive to early access Founders. These outfits may appear in the item shop in the future.

Happy hunting (or taming) Commanders !