Save the World | Homebase Status Report 3.3

The Fortnite Team
Get ready to Save the World in style, Commanders! 

Take a look at what's in store this week for Save the World!


Cosmetics - Outfits and Back Blings!

Dress to impress with Outfits and Back Blings; Now available in your Homebase Locker! Additionally, the Homebase Locker now saves independently from BR and any changes you make in one mode will not affect the other. 

“Sometimes efficiency isn’t everything. Sometimes it’s all about the style” -Director Riggs

How do Outfits and Back Blings work?

You can now select any Outfit and Back Bling you own in BR in the Save the World Locker and that look will apply to your Hero, regardless of which Hero you have as your commander. 

Want to use the lower rarity outfit? You got it!

You are no longer limited to the appearance of your Hero based on their current rarity. You can choose any style you’ve already unlocked. So if you have a Tier 5 Legendary Hero, such as Rescue Trooper Ramirez, you’ll be able to choose any of her lower rarity and tier in your Locker.

Love the way your original Commander looks? No problem! 

Your Commander’s default appearance for both Hero / Back Blings are available and always listed first in your Locker choices. Your default appearance will change when you swap loadouts as you can’t make one Hero look like another. 

What about reactive cosmetics??

Homebase is still working on support for reactive cosmetics. There are some reactives that have no parallel in StW and simply won’t react, such as Stratus and his Backtracker Back Bling. However, we still intend to create parallel functionality where we can.


Cloudburst Bow

The power of Steampunk.. In bow form! Eliminate Husks to drop a devastating cloud of steam. 

Available from the Weekly Store Store starting March 4 at 7PM ET until March 11 at 7PM ET.


Battle Hound Jonesy

Release this Hound on the Husks!
  • Standard Perk: Rucksack
    • Increases Frag Grenade maximum charges by 1
  • Commander Perk: Rucksack+
    • Increases Frag Grenade maximum charges by 4
Available from the Event Store starting March 6 at 7PM ET until April 3 at 7PM ET.


Spy Llama

Crack open this new Llama and harness the power of the new Spy weapon set! 

Note: Any tickets that players have on their accounts at the end of the season will be converted into Spy Llamas.

Wargames Event Quests!

Each Wargames simulation type offers a one-time completion quest which rewards Event Tickets and a unique banner reward to show off your accomplishment. This weeks challenges are:



Clear the curse or prepare for the worst. Complete this week’s Wargames Quest and unlock a Banner and Event tickets!



You don’t want to be in the way when the laser goes off in this week's Wargames Quest!

Put your best Outifts forward, Commanders. We’ll see you in game! 


Major Bug Fixes

  • Players being unable to collect items using the 'Interact' key
  •  Players unable to revive themselves while DBNO
  • Xbox Controller D-Pad and analog sticks becoming unresponsive when entering the Armory Tab
  • UI becoming unresponsive after opening the social/friends menu panel and then navigating to the inventory / settings UI