By The Fortnite Team

Welcome back to the Homebase Status Report. Let’s start with a couple important housekeeping items....
  • Friendly reminder that Dungeons and the Blockbuster Event has been extended until June 30! Complete the quest, grab the Heroes, and wrap up your Dungeon checklist before they depart.
  • Adventure Tickets are being converted to Spy Llamas in tandem with the new season of Fortnite on June 17. Homebase will do a final conversion of any remaining Adventure Tickets to Pirate Llamas at the end of the Blockbuster event, scheduled for June 30. If you want Pirate Llamas instead of Spy Llamas, spend your tickets now!

And now back to your regularly-scheduled report...

Fortnite Walloper

The Walloper smashes into the Event Store!

Deliver a hefty smash with the Walloper! Massive Flintlock hammer that delivers a devastating heavy leap attack to the Husks.

Available from the event store starting June 19 at 8pm ET.

Fortnite Star Spangled Headhunter

Star-Spangled Headhunter, lights up the Event Store!

“Make 'em see stars.” - Star-Spangled Headhunter
  • Standard Perk: Spoils of War
    • War Cry grants 25% chance for each shot to cost no ammo.
  • Commander Perk: Spoils of War+
    • War Cry grants 50% chance for each shot to cost no ammo.
Available from the event store starting June 26 at 8pm ET. 

Things are starting to get tropical, Commanders. Can you feel that ocean breeze?