By The Fortnite Team
Hello Commanders,

We’re back with another Homebase Status report to highlight what’s coming to Save the World over the coming weeks. 

Through Ray’s “expert” bot building knowledge and totally  hazardous “safe” work conditions, another Homebase Bot is ready to help fight back the storm. 

Homebase Status Report… Initiate!

Fortnite Save the World Lok-Bot Pack EN

The Fortnite Lok-Bot Pack

“Yaaay” - Lok

Imagine, if you will, an oven bot and the places he will go. Grab the Lok-Bot Pack. Available June 22, 2021 at 8PM ET!

The Lok-Bot Pack brings a new Hero and Outfit, the Lok Blok Backbling, Lok Pick Pickaxe, the Lok-Bot Challenges, and access to Save the World. These exclusive Save the World challenges will earn you 1,000 V-Bucks and 1,000 X-Ray Tickets. Note: Lok's signature sonorous voice pack is unavailable.

Note: The Cosmetic items of this Pack will be shared through Battle Royale, Save the World and Creative game modes. This new Pack series will have no impact on existing Founder daily login rewards or their V-Bucks earned, which is exclusive to early access Founders. These outfits may appear in the item shop in the future.

Coming June 26, 2021 at 8PM ET - Go Prehistoric with Tricera Ops Ramirez and Escort Crackshot in Hit the Road.

13StW TriceraOpsRamirez Social

Roaring into the Event Store comes Tricera Ops Ramirez

“Rrrrooooar!” - Tricera Ops Ramirez

  • Standard Perk: Saurian Vigor
    • Heal 2.125% of your max Health every 5 seconds
  • Commander Perk: Saurian Vigor+
    • Heal 6.375% of your max Health every 5 seconds