Fortnite Silenced Pistol Update

Fortnite Battle Royale Silenced Pistol Update

The Fortnite Team

Fortnite friends,

It’s time for the first Battle Royale update of the year! This update is planned to go live on Jan. 2 at 8am (13:00 GMT). Show off your stealthy skills in the new Sneaky Silencer Limited Time Mode, (Jan. 5 - Jan. 8) featuring the new Silenced Pistol.

Silenced Pistol

Fortnite Silenced Pistol Update

  • Can be found as Epic and Legendary rarity.
  • Can be found in treasure chests, supply drops or as floor loot.

Sneaky Silencers

This Limited Time Mode is available January 5 and ends on January 8.
  • Weapons are limited to Suppressed SMG and Suppressed Pistols only.
  • Traps are disabled.
  • Greatly increased drop rate of the Bush.

There will be no downtime, and no update required. Keep an eye on our official twitter for immediate updates. See you in game!

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