Some of Our Favorite “Gaga, Ooh La La” Fortography

The Fortnite Team

We asked for you to share your best Gaga-inspired Fortography, and you delivered!

From spectral light shows to smooth moves, these screenshots are some of our favorites.


Feel the swing of the beat. Photo by @Snowbelltime

Xdark O

In the Chromatica era. Photo by @XDark_o


The water's coming down. Photo by @vunkerz



Full of cool, full of color. Photo by @nalauravp


Rain Shadow77

Paws up? Paws up! Photo by @Rain_Shadow77


Ferris fun. Photo by @SneezeFebreeze


A Main Stage performance to remember. Photo by @fnpguto


Carlao Photography

Lady Gaga rocking on stage. Photo by @carlao_photography



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