Spring Breakout - Quacktastic Fun Arrives in Fortnite on March 30

The Fortnite Team

Ah spring, what a lovely season. Flowers bloom, the weather warms up, and the Island sees the return of robotic ducks and pastel-suited bunnies. Wait… what?!

Fortnite’s first-ever spring event, Spring Breakout, brings eggcellent new Outfits, a Duos competition, papercraft, and an in-game reward to Fortnite.

Here’s a look at what’s hatching this week -- starting on Tuesday, March 30!!

New Quests, The Egg Launcher, and a Pickaxe Prize

Webster also arrives as a new Character with Legendary Quests to tackle… and a chance to receive an in-game reward. Arriving Thursday, April 1 (no Foolin’), if you complete the first Legendary Quest from Webster, you’ll unlock the Tactical Quaxes Pickaxe. 

16BR SB QuestAssets Social

Speaking of Quests, the Egg Launcher returns and you can also be on the lookout for a new type of forageable egg on the Island. Consuming these eggs will bring a hop to your step.

16BR SB EggLauncherAssets Social

Spring Breakout Cup: Egg on the Competition 

Filling in for Friday Night Bragging Rights, the Spring Breakout Cup on Friday, April 2 brings Duos competition back into action. You and your Duos teammate will have 3 hours to complete up to 10 matches to earn points. The top-performing Duos in each server region will be among the first to get the Webster Outfit and Mecha-Feathers Back Bling. 

Fortnite Spring Breakout Cup

In order to participate in the Spring Breakout Cup, participating players must have their account level at 30 or above and have 2FA enabled. To enable 2FA, players must visit our 2FA page, log into their Epic account, and follow the onscreen instructions. Read the Spring Breakout Official Rules for a full breakdown of the tournament format, rewards, and participation requirements. Specific timing for your region can be found in the Compete tab in-game.

Poached Papercraft

Fortnite.com/cosplay has delivered again. Beginning today, you can download all-new papercraft masks and mini foldables.

Here’s a look at the latest roster and how long it should take to craft them.

Fortnite Spring Breakout Papercraft Masks


  • Stella (easy, 1.5 hours) 
  • Rabbit Raider (medium, 2.5 hours)
  • Webster (medium, 2.5 hours)

16BR SB PaperCraft Social Minifoldable Cluck Social

Mini Foldables

  • Bun Bun (very easy, 40-60 minutes)
  • Nitehare (very easy, 40-60 minutes)
  • Cluck (very easy, 40-60 minutes)

Grab your paper and get started. Once you’ve finished, showcase your work using #SpringBreakout on social.

Item Shop: Hop to It!

Spring Breakout scrambles what you’d expect from ducks and bunnies. This group of rotten eggs arrive throughout this week in the Item Shop.

16BR SB Lineup Social

This week also marks the return of some fan-favorite Outfits, including Bunny Brawler, Rabbit Raider, and Quackling.

Fortnite Bunny Brawler Rabbit Raider Quackling Jpg


What are you waiting for? Spring into action this week!