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The Fortnite Team

Heya Fortnite Creators,

Let’s chat about the state of Fortnite Creative and it’s future in 2019.

Make Your Own Fortnite

Our mission is to give you, the players, the tools you need to make anything you can imagine. We've just started Creative’s journey, and we've got a lot of opportunities ahead of us. Here’s a look at where we are, and what’s next.


One of our goals is to build more devices and options that will empower you to create games on your island. Recent examples are Elimination Zones, Sentry, and Last One Standing settings, which were released in the 7.20 update.

Speed vs. Perfection

We’re focused on delivering a breadth of tools to creators in these first few months, trading off polish and perfection for speed so you can create without limits. The Prefab system is an example of this, which could have been a full content browser of pieces if we had a bit more time. By holding on individual piece selection, we were able to launch a few months earlier than planned.


Moving forward, we will balance quality of life improvements to existing features with new feature development. One quality of life feature coming soon is more options to configure how voice chat works on your island, including the ability to have everyone in the same channel, regardless of your team.

We’re Partners

We consider the community a partner in the development of Creative. We want you to share your own vision of Creative with us and tell us what you need most to make it happen.

Every dev on the team watches Youtube, follows social channels, and reads Reddit. Each one of you brings new and unique ideas to the table and we take that feedback seriously. We hope that all of you continue to share your thoughts on our social channels:

We’ll continue to work closely with community creators and add to the group that can publish their creations. Together we will evolve how this works to ensure more of you can share of your amazing islands.

We will create additional opportunities for feedback & discussion in one-on-one conversations and in large group format. Reddit AMAs and Discord Q&A events are both coming soon!

Be on the lookout for more opportunities to feature your creations in Battle Royale and Creative.

Performance & Stability

We mentioned earlier in the blog we want to bring you new content as fast as possible, but we’re still focused on any bugs and stability issues that occur as a result of that pace. We have an entire team dedicated to improving existing features and optimizing performance where we can. In particular we’re focused on improving game flow and loading times.


Let’s talk about how Battle Royale items are added to Fortnite Creative.

Items will be removed from Creative if they are vaulted in Battle Royale for ongoing tuning or if they are seasonal in nature. We’re working closely with the Battle Royale team to keep as many items available as possible, (like the Grappler)!


We're excited to get these new features and improvements into everyone's hands and will be releasing them as part of the game as soon as they are battle tested and ready! Keep one eye our social channels for updates, and another on our patch notes for new features and improvements.

-The Fortnite Team