Battle Royale - State of Development V3

By The Fortnite Team

Playing With Friends

Duos and Squads are best when you can play with friends! We realize that our existing social features make it hard to make and/or find friends. We are working on making it easier to play again with people you had a great game with, make new friends, and import your friends lists from other social networks.

Certain regions don’t have the Duos playlist (we hear you Oceania!) and we continue to monitor population per platform and region. We are working on a system that is going to allow us to schedule Duos during popular hours so we can offer the mode while maintaining a good experience.

Team Killing

We dropped the ball on addressing team killing. We take action based on player reports, but the system isn’t straightforward to use, and doesn’t let you know whether we took action or not. This needs improvement. Last week we started casting a wider net to catch current and past team killers and issued numerous warnings and bans. We are also working on better analytical models to weed out the worst offenders and long term would love to have the ability to pair you with players with good reputation.

New Shooting Model

We've been internally playtesting an overhaul of our shooting model to remove random bullet spread while aiming down sights. We want to improve shooting while maintaining the usefulness of building cover while under fire and without changing engagement distances or the flow of the game.

The initial results are promising. The changes need more work and tuning. We are shooting (har har) to provide a test client and servers for you to provide feedback and iterate on this together with us in December.

Inventory Revamp

We are working on a big rework to the current inventory. The new interface is cleaner and many of the inventory management tasks are easier to perform. Dropping items is performed by dragging outside the main inventory box and there are quick buttons for splitting and dropping half of any loot to make sharing easier. Additionally, rearranging the quickbar with a controller is now simpler.


Post-Match Stats

We want to provide more feedback to you after your match. We’re working on our first stab at a Post-Match Stats screen you can view after you’re eliminated. The first iteration shows fun, interesting and relevant statistics from your game, and the experience you earned after you / your whole team has been eliminated. 


We’ve seen many great suggestions on Reddit and the forums to draw inspiration from -- please keep them coming!

Map Updates

We are adding new unique POIs (points of interest) to the map to better fill in some of the empty spaces and introduce more gameplay variety.

New City POI


We are also introducing more variety to the map by updating existing areas (e.g. mountain and swamp region) with unique art for flora and the landscape. You can quickly recognize different regions from up above and on the ground, providing an improved sense of location and place. 


The umbrella aside, our initial version of gliders focused on texture changes (repaints). The next step is adding more unique detail, while still preserving the original mesh.

We don’t want to stop there though and understand that there is a desire for variations with strong personality, uniqueness, and a sense of cool and beautiful detail. Basically badass stuff :-)

We’re working on full remodels for gliders, pickaxes, and characters that achieve this vision; please keep checking the store for updates.



We’ve received a lot of great feedback on FNBR’s audio, and we’re working to improve mix clarity and provide better tactical information for sounds in the game. Here are some things we’re doing.

Footsteps on different surfaces: Right now we’ve got one set of footsteps for all surfaces in the game, so it’s very hard to tell when someone is in a building or right outside it. Wood, Stone, Metal, and Water footsteps are coming to give more information to you.

Quieter teammate footsteps: For squad players, we all know how loud it can be stomping around with four other people, so we’re reducing footsteps for nearby teammates.

Vertical audio: We’re aware of the issues here, especially for footsteps. Investigations are being made in how we can improve this for the future.

Trap audio: Tweaking is being done for trap audio to make them less consistently noisy and balance volume, while still providing an opportunity for players to hear and react to them.

Launch Pad audio: We're making tweaks to the audio of players when they use a Launch Pad. This is to make it a little easier to tell when a player is flying in and about to land near you. If you listen closely you'll have a better chance to react!

Weapon audio panning: While subtle, gunshot audio that you create doesn’t follow you, and instead gets left in the world at the point of the muzzle flash. This can cause the audio to pan to the left or right as you move away from it. We’re working on fixing this ASAP to reduce confusion during heated combat.

Other ongoing work

Limited Time Modes: We are introducing Limited time modes in December. Limited time modes are temporary experience with special conditions that provide new ways to play and allow us to run fun experiments. We'll announce what our first limited time mode is soon... it’s going to be EPIC!

Server performance optimizations: To follow up on the performance blog -- we’ve made some good progress on optimizing server performance over the last two months. The below image shows the percent of time our servers are “hitching” (missing target frame rate). Solid green means 0% and red is 3% and above.


We clearly still have an issue in the beginning of the match, even with us throttling network connection updates to 50 connections per frame! 

To further disclaim the chart, an all green version would not be something we consider acceptable due to the aforementioned update throttling. We have a good understanding for the foundational networking changes required to reduce and hopefully long term eliminate the throttling. 

Map Streaming: A large foundational change we’re working hard to ship is extensive streaming. What this means is that as you move throughout the map all content is loaded / streamed in and out depending on your proximity to it. Right now this is only done for textures and there is a lot of opportunity to save memory by extending it.

There are a host of technical challenges related to persistence (making sure damaged areas are streamed back in as such), performance (eliminating hitches due to background streaming), and making sure the streaming system works fast enough to support rocket riding!

The main upside of streaming is having more memory available and this change is required for us to ship updated map POIs, badass cosmetics, etc.

Regions: We are still