The Block 2.0 Finalists and Voting

The Fortnite Team
Hardhats on because it’s time to rebuild Tilted Towers! After careful review and evaluation of The Block 2.0 submissions, nine exceptional finalists have been identified. 

The three finalists for each of the three building sites are as follows:
“The Restaurant”:
“The Apartments”:
“The Shops”:
Congratulations to the nine finalists, and thank you to everyone who submitted for your enthusiastic participation! 


You will have a chance to fund the construction of your favorite Block 2.0 construction project by donating Bars to the cause! Once you determine your preferred building, you can interact with billboards both at the construction site and around the map to place your vote using gold. The three finalists for each building type (The Restaurant, The Apartments, The Shops) will be featured in-game at the Tilted Towers building sites, and on billboards spread throughout the map for the community to vote on over a twenty day period starting tomorrow July 21st at 9 AM ET
Each building type will have a separate voting window that’s slightly different than what was previously announced:

The Restaurant : July 21, 2022, at 9: AM ET - July 27, 2022, at 3 PM ET 

Fortnite The Block 2.0 The Restaurant

The Apartments : July 27, 2022, at 3 PM ET to August 3, 2022, at 1 AM ET

Fortnite The Block 2.0 The Apartments

The Shops : August 3, 2022, at 1 AM ET to August 9, 2022, at 9 AM ET

Fortnite The Block 2.0 The Shops
Winners will be announced after all voting has concluded. Please note the selected buildings will not appear at Tilted immediately but rather with an upcoming patch.

A Closer Look at The Block 2.0 Finalists

The following buildings were thoughtfully designed, and their Creators showed understanding of the outlined criteria, as well as the Level Design Best practices

These Creators were able to design functional buildings while finding a way to infuse their own signature style. These submissions hit a high bar of quality and maintained the beloved essence of Tilted, while simultaneously using the provided space in never before seen ways.

“The Restaurant” selections:

Fortnite benmac 5043-6143-9582
The courtyard is a thoughtful design choice from benmac that you don’t usually see across the map. Its clever usage of the space allows the architecture to make a unique impression with its innovative use of standard materials. The spaciousness of the building makes for great gameplay, and  matches the aesthetic of its surroundings.
Fortnite ninjah_dj 1932-4990-0032 
This unique take on the Pizza Pit shape immediately stood out. ninjah_dj’s ability to utilize the space provided to create unique shapes not usually seen in Tilted is an appreciated and valuable skill. This building has a nice flow through the space and the skillful use, and placement of props further enhances the structure. There are clean pathways through combat space to comfortably navigate from one point to another.
Fortnite xdarkx 3538-4323-0965

Not only is this building a beautiful shape, it offers an open layout to provide a break from the narrower locations within Tilted Towers. This design from xdark is stunning, as the playful colors and artistic choices fit well within the surrounding area, and the structure provides an aerated respite within a dense space.

“The Apartments” Selections: 

Fortnite ashurrii 6081-7966-2506
The first thing to notice about this building is the use of shapes and levels around the structure that fascinate and engage the onlooker. Both visually pleasing and practical, this building offers multiple interesting spaces for players to explore. The decision to make this a mixed use space by adding a cafe to the first floor is a commendable design choice by ashurrii, expanding the boundaries of what The Apartments can be.
Fortnite charlee-brown 1434-9352-4208

Charlee-brown has a clear understanding of the art of storytelling. This building has a strong narrative to it by reasonably following real world rules. Everything within this structure makes sense logically from correct placement of bathrooms, to a patio that looks good enough to host a cookout! The open lobby concept helps make this building as beautiful as it is functional. 
Fortnite destructo 2865-2667-0486
This work from destructo artfully repurposed ideas that were in the existing building to make a fresh and fascinating layout! Meticulously considered details help make the space feel warm and realistic from tasteful wall art to functional office and storage spaces. The white treatment immediately stands out and is a unique design choice, which helps differentiate this structure from others. 

“The Shops” Selections: 

Fortnite 0ricent 6614-7150-2309
Every single room featured in this design from 0ricent is a beautiful, well constructed, and very believable set up. The Creator demonstrates excellent execution of the mixed use space by adding the laundromat underneath the building, and the realistic approach makes the space feel lived in. Even the roof of this structure has been carefully considered and decorated to match the vibe of the rest of the building!
Fortnite justafrog 1997-0531-3795

The building itself may look spartan at first sight, but the combination of good propping, enjoyable flow, and a strong narrative make this building an outstanding selection. Players will feel the intended use of the space as soon as they step in, thanks to the meticulous efforts of justagfrog. It’s a humble approach, but this building absolutely nails the bookstore feeling.
Fortnite mrstruelegen 0740-3787-7849
Not only did mrstruelegend design an exceptionally fun and playful space, they ensured there was a strong narrative to it. While it’s a simple design at first glance, there is a deeply impressive attention to detail with regards to propping and the flow of the space. The interesting shape and uniqueness of each level of the building packs a powerful offering within a small setting. 
Don’t forget to drop in each voting round to vote for your favorites! The power is in your hands, use it wisely.