The Endo Bundle Rides into Fortnite!

The Fortnite Team

Streamlined and smooth, Rocket League’s Endo rolls into Fortnite! This Car Body is part of the Endo Bundle in the Shop now. Individualize your Endo with one of the six Decals also in the bundle! 

If you already have Endo and the Decals in Rocket League, you’ll find them waiting in your Fortnite Locker thanks to cross-game ownership

Fortnite Endo Car Body

Painted Endo with the Dyno Decal equipped.

Elegant, Modern, Endo

As sophisticated as it is understated, Endo is a timeless choice for Rocket Racing or Battle Royale. The Endo Bundle includes the following items:

  • Endo Car Body (has 13 paint colors)

  • Circuit Pro Decal

  • Cupcake Decal

  • Cyrus Decal

  • Dyno Decal

  • Stripes Decal

  • Wings Decal

The Decals in the Endo Bundle can only be equipped with the Endo Car Body. If you don’t own these items in Rocket League, you’ll own them in Rocket League after purchasing the Endo Bundle in Fortnite.

Endo awaits for both racers and battlers! Show off your ride to no end-o.