The Fortnite Island Games: Creative LTM Challenges

The Fortnite Team

Summer is winding down but don’t let that stop you from ending the summer without some late fun and rewards. The Island Games Challenges start now! 


Running August 31 - September 8, 2021, players can play Creative LTMs to earn rewards! All the LTMs (and their Quests) will become available sequentially over the course of the event - remaining available through the end date.

Popular Creative LTMs that will be featured include: 

  • Red vs Blue Rumble - Show off your skills in this fast-paced, casual combat game. Earn gold by eliminating others, and use your gold to upgrade weapons. Infinite respawns and strong starting loadouts keep you in the action. Built by BOYKAARO. 

  • Prison Breakout - You've been caught, and now you must be crafty to escape your confines. Loot the surrounding area to power up and fight guards for your ticket out of this dump. Guards vs Prisoners, who will come out on top? Built by Echo. 

  • Finest's Realistic (2v2) - Pair up in eight rounds of realistic encounters across eight different POI's from the BR map. A loadout selector provides for a variety of guns so you can choose the ones you perform best with. Built by: FinestYT.

  • Wildlands - Adventure through the vast world of Wildlands and fight to survive! Level up your skills and adapt to survive in this open-world experience. Built by TonyQuest.

  • Red vs Blue Lava - Battle beside your team in this epic arena full of lava and get the most damage points to win. Earn coins by eliminating other players or by collecting the free coins in the middle of the battlefield. Use your coins to upgrade your weapons and gear, increasing your chances of winning! Built by PRETTYBOY.

Each LTM will offer three unique quests that players can complete towards unlocking several rewards that include a banner, the On the Rise Emoticon, the Drooly Spray, a Wavebreaker weapon wrap, and the Qwerty Axe! Players will need to complete nine out of the 15 total quests to unlock all of the rewards.

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Make the end of Summer a blast, invite your friends, and earn some awesome rewards!