The Fortnite Leaderboard in Discord Returns with In-Game and Nitro Rewards!

The Fortnite Team
Hey everyone!

The Fortnite Leaderboard in Discord is back, and with it in-game rewards for playing with your Discord friends. Also get one month of Discord Nitro just for participating.

Fortnite Leaderboard in Discord Spray, Emoticon, and Nitro

Earn In-Game Rewards

Play in a Discord server with a Fortnite Leaderboard and participate in each of the available weekly Fortnite Leaderboard bot categories to receive the following rewards in-game:

  • All eligible participants* from October 24 at 9:00am ET to October 27, 2023 at 7:59 PM ET will receive the Revenant Stare Spray.
  • All eligible participants* from October 27 at 8:00pm ET to November 2, 2023 at 8:00 PM ET will receive the Heart Eyes Mae Emoticon.

Rewards will be automatically granted to the Fortnite accounts of eligible participants. As a reminder, the Fortnite Leaderboard will display you and your Discord friends who are in the same server as the leaderboard.

*To be eligible, participants must have a minimum score of one in each category of the weekly Fortnite Leaderboard with more than one participant. Categories are: Victory Royales, Eliminations, Assist, Damage dealt, Fish caught and Driving Distance. 

Get Discord Nitro!

All eligible participants** from October 24 at 9:00am ET to November 2, 2023, at 8:00 PM ET, will receive one month of Discord Nitro on us!
Eligible participants must claim their Discord Nitro reward through the link provided by the bot. You may need to refresh your score to see the “Rewards” button. You can claim your Discord Nitro by interacting with the “Claim Discord Nitro” button in the Rewards section.

**To be eligible, participants must participate in the leaderboard and play at least one match in Battle Royale (Ranked or Unranked) or Zero Build (Ranked or Unranked).

Only the victor gets the spoils, but the Nitro’s for everyone!  To learn how to install the Leaderboard bot, check out our past Introducing the Fortnite Leaderboard in Discord blog post. 

"Players must meet eligibility requirements to participate. Participation requires use of Discord. Unfortunately, Cabined Accounts are not eligible. Please check out Discord's Terms of Service before joining the server. Please visit this Help Center article that outlines eligibility and shows redemption flow."