The Fortnite Marvel Super Series Wraps Up with the Venom Cup and the $1M Super Cup

The Fortnite Team

The Marvel Super Series is down to its final events. Learn how you can unlock Venom early… and even compete in the final event: the $1M Super Cup!

Venom Cup - November 18

Don’t scream. You’ll need to latch onto a friend and develop a symbiotic bond to come out on top of the final leg of the Marvel Knockout Super Series!

If you are eligible, starting November 18, the Venom Cup is your chance to host… err, unlock Venom’s Outfit early. In addition to the outfit, you’ll also have the opportunity to earn the We Are Venom Built-In Emote, Tendril Tote Back Bling, and Symbiote Slasher Pickaxe before it hits the Item Shop. 

Another Chance to Win

For this leg of the Marvel Super Series, we’re giving eligible players two separate windows to compete on the same day. If you didn’t perform your best in the first window -- or missed it altogether -- you and your Duo will have a second opportunity to redeem yourself a few hours later!

The Venom Cup will feature Marvel Knockout (Duos). Remember: participation in this cup, along with participation in the Ghost Rider Cup and Black Widow Cup, will earn you the Nexus Glider. Stick with it… and watch your brains!

Fortnite Venom Outfit En

The Venom Cup is open to all eligible Fortnite players. 2FA and account level 30+ required. For complete details, read the official Venom Cup Rules.

$1M Super Cup (Duos) - November 21

On November 21, the heroic journey of the Marvel Super Series will culminate with the ultimate showdown in the $1M Super Cup. If you are eligible (and are up for the challenge), combine any learned skills from the Marvel Knockout Cups with your traditional Battle Royale abilities to battle it out against other Duo heroes for an opportunity to earn a share of $1,000,000 in cash prizes. Besides the addition of powers, the materials granted on elimination are reduced to 20 and a material cap set at 200 per material, so use your builds wisely!

1m Super Cup En

The $1M Super Cup will be broadcast on the official Fortnite YouTube and Twitch channels during the second round for the EU and NAE region. Participants who don't qualify for the second round can still watch the action unfold along with viewers at home as our remaining heroes continue their battle for a share of the $1,000,000 prize pool. The broadcast schedule is below:

  • Broadcast starts with EU Coverage: 1pm Eastern
  • NAE Coverage: 5pm Eastern
  • End of Broadcast: 8:30pm

For complete details, read the $1M Super Cup Official Rules.

How To Compete

Go to the Compete Tab in the Game Lobby. Locate the Venom Cup and/or the $1M Super Cup and find the local start times for your region. The event playlist will be available in the playlist menu once the relevant event has started.

Note: You cannot fill into tournaments, and your Epic account must be level 30 or higher and have 2-Factor Authentication set up to participate in either event. You can view your account level in the top right under the “Career” tab on the lobby screen.