The Fortnite Soundwave Series Continues with Tones And I in an Interactive Madhouse!

The Fortnite Team

October 2021 saw the kickoff of the Fortnite Soundwave Series — a series of in-game musical shows featuring artists from around the world. After Egyptian superstar Mohamed Hamaki started off the soundwave, Australian singer-songwriter Tones And I keeps it going with her own show airing back-to-back for 72 hours starting Jan. 21, 2022, at 6 PM ET!

Each show in the Soundwave Series takes place in its own interactive experience, and Tones And I’s show is no exception. Over the coming months, Brazilian rapper Emicida, Japanese pop artist and music producer Gen Hoshino, and record-breaking French-Malian singer Aya Nakamura will have their own shows to experience in Fortnite. Keep an eye out for details as each artist carries on the soundwave! 🎵

Fortnite Soundwave Series Tones And I

How to Watch the Tones And I Show

Tones And I will be performing songs from her debut studio album Welcome to the Madhouse. To jump in, players can enter the SOUNDWAVE SERIES: TONES AND I tile (or input the Island code 4161-9206-0181) starting Friday, January 21, at 6 PM ET. This interactive experience made by community creators Team Alliance and TheBoyDilly is an adventure through the madhouse — a tour inspired by the songs of the album.

The show will repeat non-stop for 72 hours (until Monday, January 24, at 6 PM ET), so don’t worry if you can’t jump in right away. Enjoy the show and get the Soundwave Series - Tones And I Spray as a memento! With a second playthrough, you can even get some XP too.

Fortnite Soundwave Series Tones And I Spray

Players also have the option to just watch the show via Picture-in-Picture in Battle Royale playlists and across Creative. This option is available during certain times of the event and is accessible through the settings. (Note: interactive elements will not be playable through Picture-in-Picture.)

Tones And I Lobby Track and Emote

Fortnite Cloudy Day Lobby Track

From the Welcome to the Madhouse album, Tones And I’s “Cloudy Day” will have its own Lobby Track in the Fortnite Item Shop! And step outside the Madhouse with an Emote based on the record-breaking single “Dance Monkey” from her The Kids Are Coming EP. The Cloudy Day Lobby Track and Dance Monkey Emote will be available in the Item Shop starting Wednesday, January 19, at 7 PM ET, before the event.

The second show of the Soundwave Series is almost here. 🎙️

Tones And I Show Content Creation

Content creators in the Support-A-Creator (SAC) program will be able to host VOD content from the Tones And I show on YouTube and monetize it. Monetization of VOD content will be active for seven days, and no takedown notifications should occur afterwards. More info:

  • In order to monetize their Tones And I show content, SAC members need to link their YouTube and Support-A-Creator accounts.

  • IMPORTANT: When uploading the content to YouTube, be sure to upload it as Unlisted or Public. If you upload the video as Private, it is possible you could receive a monetization claim on your video.

  • For uploading the content on other platforms, refer to your channel’s platform policies for tips on how to avoid copyright strikes.

  • Not in SAC? Don’t worry, you can still share your highlights from the experience. However, you will not be able to monetize this content on YouTube.

Please note: For Twitch creators streaming Tones And I’s show, we cannot prevent your VODs or clips from getting flagged by third-party copyright detection systems. The general recommendation is to disable VODs/clips for the duration of the event. For more information, see Twitch’s DMCA & Copyright FAQs help page.

“Soundwave Series: Tones And I” has flashing lights. If you have a history of photosensitivity, consult a doctor before entering the event. IMMEDIATELY DISCONTINUE if you experience any discomfort.