The McLaren 765LT Bundle + Boosts Drift into Fortnite!

The Fortnite Team

Radical, relentless, reborn for Fortnite: the McLaren 765LT Bundle is available now in the Shop. Live up to the legend of the McLaren 765LT supercar whether you’re speeding off in Rocket Racing or Battle Royale! If you already have the bundle items in Rocket League, you’ll find them ready and waiting for you in Fortnite thanks to cross-game ownership.

Fortnite McLaren 765LT Car Body

McLaren 765LT Car Body with unpainted McLaren 765LT Wheels equipped.

McLaren’s not the only thing boosting into Fortnite. Boosts are a new type of Locker item in Fortnite, meaning you can now customize what shoots out of your Car when you go Turbo! Learn more about McLaren 765LT and Boosts below. 

McLaren 765LT: Take a Seat in a Supercar

Update (June 3, 2024):
The original version of this blog post indicated the McLaren 765LT Car Body has 13 paint colors. This is incorrect, and the blog post has been adjusted accordingly.

Every McLaren carrying the LT initials is distinct. For McLaren 765LT, this is true in its re-engineered 4.0 litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine — audible while driving. In Fortnite, choose between different Decals for the McLaren 765LT Car Body and put on the McLaren 765LT Wheels, all in the bundle.

McLaren 765LT Car Body with black-painted McLaren 765LT Wheels

McLaren 765LT Car Body with black-painted McLaren 765LT Wheels equipped.

The McLaren 765LT Bundle includes: 

  • McLaren 765LT Car Body

  • McLaren 765LT Wheels (has 13 paint colors)

  • Stripes Decal

  • Techy Decal

  • Lightning Decal

  • Geofade Decal

  • Tigerclaw Decal

Boost Your Look

That’s right, cosmetic Boosts are now in Fortnite! Boosts are Locker items that shoot out of your car when you go Turbo in Rocket Racing or boost in Battle Royale. 

Boosts work on all Car Bodies and are eligible for cross-game ownership, which means you’ll own certain Boosts in Rocket League if you obtain them in Fortnite (and vice versa). The first Boosts to debut in Fortnite are the Startrack Boost and Ethereal Boost in the Shop now. If you already own these items in Rocket League, they’re in your Fortnite Locker if you play Rocket League and Fortnite with the same Epic account.

Fortnite McLaren Ethereal Boost

Some of the Ethereal Boost paint colors.

A Galaxy of Color Awaits… 

With the Startrack Boost, leave your opponents in a sea of stars. And with the Ethereal Boost, leave rivals behind in an otherworldly essence. 

The Startrack Boost is available via the Startrack Boost Bundle, while the Ethereal Boost is available via the Ethereal Boost Bundle. Both bundles include 13 paint colors!

Fortnite Mclaren Startrack Trail

Some of the Startrack Boost paint colors.

Get ready to speed off in style. Boosts grant no competitive advantage.