The New Items and Crafting Rules of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7


Sent to the Hot Saucers mailing list:

It’s clear we were right about the existence of Aliens, but there’s still so much we don’t know. Fortunately, we’re able to collect data on them while also investigating Doctor Slone and the IO in general. We believe the Aliens and IO have advanced tech in the works for the future, but we've put together some files on the tech they’re using against each other right now (files attached). We’re going to keep investigating. 
It’s recommended we take advantage of this technology for our own protection.

Files on Alien and IO Inventions


Fortnite Saucer

Try not to let a UFO (called “Saucer” by the Aliens… and us) catch you. It won’t eliminate you, but in an act of merciful rudeness, it will take you to a random place on the Island. 
You don’t have to run, though. Shoot a Saucer down and it’s yours to pilot. The Saucer’s equipped with an abduction beam and an energy cannon. Let your squad stand on top for extra offense!

Kymera Ray Gun

Fortnite Kymera Ray Gun
This Alien creation fires a continuous beam and only needs to stop to recharge. We’re not quite sure who “Kymera” is, though. 
When we tested this weapon out, it seemed powerful… but not so much on structures. If the Aliens succeed, at least we know how to take cover. 

Pulse Rifle

Fortnite Pulse Rifle
An invention from the IO, the self-proclaimed Island defenders. The IO brags this weapon is effective whether aiming down sights or not. Reliability is its key feature, they claim.
Doctor Slone has a special, more powerful version of the Pulse Rifle reserved for herself, so you’ll need to get confrontational to call it your own.

Recon Scanner

Fortnite Recon Scanner
Another IO invention. Survey an area from a safe distance by firing its Recon Bolts, which mark all opponents (and Chests) in its diameter. There’s a limited amount of Bolts you can have out at a time, but don’t worry about finding more: the Recon Scanner regenerates Bolts automatically. 

Rail Gun

Fortnite Rail Gun
One would expect the Rail Gun to be from out of this world. However, it was actually created by the IO. This sniper can shoot through surfaces, but this breakthrough is balanced out by its visible targeting beam. Not a surprise from the IO, it does extra damage against Saucers.

Crafting File: Nuts and Bolts

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 Crafting
The arrival of Saucers has made it rain Nuts and Bolts, adding a new dynamic to crafting on the Island. With this new crafting ingredient, you can craft familiar weapons from the Island’s past. Combine Nuts and Bolts with any Assault Rifle for a Burst Assault Rifle, with any Submachine Gun for a Rapid Fire SMG, and with any Shotgun for a Lever Action Shotgun. 
These craftable weapons don’t have pre-built versions to pick up, so collect any Nuts and Bolts you come across. It seems Nuts and Bolts have replaced Mechanical Parts and Animal Bones, which would explain why we haven’t seen any Makeshift weapons around.

A File for the Future

We’ve made files for all we know so far, but like we said, we believe there’s more to come from the Aliens and IO. It’s only a matter of time before a new surprise descends upon us...