The Polo Stadium Collection in Fortnite: Combine Courage, Perseverance, and Style

The Fortnite Team

Whether it’s on the Island or a sporting ground, give it your best and then some.

Inspired by Ralph Lauren’s “1992 Stadium” collection, the iconic streetwear line infused with the worlds of auto-racing and aviation, drop into battle and look good doing it with the Polo Stadium Collection Set. This Set includes new Outfits, Back Blings, and more to inspire you in the face of any challenge, and will be available in the Fortnite Item Shop starting Saturday, November 5, 2022, at 8 PM ET!

Fortnite Polo Stadium Collection 3

No matter how insurmountable the challenge seems, at least achieve it in style. And speaking of challenges (but one that’s not insurmountable), compete in the Polo Stadium Cup on Friday, November 4, for the opportunity to earn the Outfits, Back Blings, and Emote before they enter the Item Shop.

Worn for Greatness: Polo Stadium Collection Items

Stadium Hero ‘92 Outfit

Fortnite Polo Stadium Hero '92

In victory and even defeat, Stadium Hero ‘92 never strays from the road to greatness. Drive on this road too with one of the Outfit’s included Styles:

  • Ready to race Default

  • The spirited Red, White, & Blue Style

  • The warm and multi-layered Classic Marsh Coat Style

  • The multi-layered and multi-colored RWB Marsh Coat Style


Stadium Hero ‘92 Accessories

Fortnite Polo Stadium Hero '92 Accessories

Though these accessories can be used with other Outfits, they go smoothly with Stadium Hero ‘92:

  • The made to be worn Racerback Back Bling (Has the Red, White, & Blue Style in addition to its sleek default Style)

  • The luxuriously-swinging Stadium Collector Pickaxe

  • A new spin on “fashion forward,” the Stadium Drifter Glider

Polo Prodigy Outfit

Fortnite Polo Prodigy Outfit

With her sights set on first place, the sky’s the limit for Polo Prodigy. Rise above inhibition with one of the Outfit’s included Styles:

  • Default (but certainly not grounded)

  • The high-confidence Iconic Style


Polo Prodigy Accessories

Fortnite Polo Prodigy Accessories

Though these accessories can be used with other Outfits, they pair beautifully with Polo Prodigy:

  • The bold and athletic P-Wing Pack Back Bling (Has the Iconic Style in addition to its equally elegant default Style)

  • The substance- AND style-giving 1992 Mallet Pickaxe

Victory Colors Emote

Finish as well as you started — cross the finish line in style with the Victory Colors Emote:

Back Into the Arena Loading Screen

Motivate yourself before your next match with the Back Into the Arena Loading Screen:

Fortnite Back Into the Arena Loading Screen

“Enter the Stadium”: The Polo Stadium Cup

The Stadium Collection’s decades-long spirit of competition lives on in the Polo Stadium Cup. Compete in this Zero Build Solo tournament on November 4 for the opportunity to unlock the Stadium Hero ‘92 and Polo Prodigy Outfits (and Racerback and P-Wing Pack Back Blings) early! Also, earn at least eight points to unlock the Victory Colors Emote early.

Fortnite Polo Stadium Cup

Competitors can play up to ten matches within their region’s approximately three-hour time window, and the specific event timing for each region can be found in the Compete tab in-game. Scoring will work as follows in the event:

Match Placement

Victory Royale: 30 Points
2nd: 25 Points
3rd: 22 Points
4th: 20 Points
5th: 19 Points
6th: 17 Points
7th: 16 Points
8th: 15 Points
9th: 14 Points
10th: 13 Points
11th - 15th: 11 Points
16th - 20th: 9 Points
21st - 25th: 7 Points
26th - 30th: 5 Points
31st - 35th: 4 Points
36th - 40th: 3 Points
40th - 50th: 2 Points
50th - 75th: 1 Point

Each Elimination

1 Point

Fortnite Polo Stadium Collection 2

Among other requirements, players must have 2FA enabled and verified on their Epic account to participate, as well as be at Account Level 15 or above. (You can find your Account Level in Fortnite’s “Career” tab.) For full details and eligibility requirements, please see the Polo Stadium Cup Official Rules page.

To celebrate this partnership between Fortnite and Polo Ralph Lauren, Polo Ralph Lauren will be releasing a physical Polo Ralph Lauren x Fortnite Capsule. “Drop #1” releases November 2, 2022, at 8 AM ET, and contains apparel featuring a special Polo x Llama logo and custom embroidery. “Drop #2” releases December 1, 2022, at 8 AM ET, and contains apparel featuring the Polo x Llama logo and a Fortnite-ified take on Polo Stadium’s design elements.

Starting at the time of their release, the Drops will be available at: