Billie Eilish Song Preview Fortnite

The Preview for Billie Eilish’s Next Song Debuts on Fortnite Festival's YT Channel!

The Fortnite Team

Who wants to hear a new one? While slaying the stage as Fortnite Festival Season 3’s Icon, Billie Eilish keeps the beat going with a preview of her upcoming song “CHIHIRO”! This preview makes its debut on the Fortnite Festival YouTube channel today. And to celebrate, Billie Eilish’s next Outfit is now in the Shop! 

Get a Sneak Listen of Billie Eilish’s “CHIHIRO” 

Catch the preview for Billie Eilish’s song below. Excited? So are we. 

“CHIHIRO” will be a Jam Track later during Fortnite Festival Season 3!

Remember Me? 

You’re seeing red! Billie’s back with another bold look with the Red Roots Billie Outfit, which includes the Good Girl Wings Back Bling.

Fortnite Red Roots Billie Outfit

The Red Roots Billie Outfit.

More items matching the Red Roots vibe are in the Shop too. Hit the Flaming Hi-Hats Drums hard and soft, and play so intensely with the Red Guitar that time is like a blur.

Fortnite Flaming Hi-Hats Drums

The Flaming Hi-Hats Drums.

Take Billie’s pit bull "Shark" with you onstage. (If you’re not worried about him stealing the show.) Do this by equipping the Shark Back Bling!

Fortnite Shark Back Bling

The Shark Back Bling.

The Red Roots Billie Outfit (+ Good Girl Wings Back Bling), Shark Back Bling, Flaming Hi-Hats Drums, and Red Guitar can all be purchased individually or via the Billie Eilish Bundle.

Fortnite Red Guitar

The Red Guitar.

Of course, you can use all these items in Battle Royale too. (It doesn’t hurt to see red in battle.) If you like playing LEGO® experiences, Red Roots Billie has a LEGO Style!