The Spider-Verse Brings Web-Shooters, Miles Morales, and More to Fortnite!

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Spider-Man may be no stranger to Fortnite, but there’s more to the Spider-Verse to be uncovered. Spider-Man’s Web-Shooters are back in Fortnite Battle Royale, with a new Miles Morales look and now called the Spider-Verse Web-Shooters! Use these web-shooters to complete the Spidey-themed Week 11 Quests. 

Speaking of Miles Morales, the Spider-Man (Miles Morales) Outfit is available now in the Item Shop. And Miles isn’t alone — the Spider-Man 2099 Outfit is also available in the Shop!

Swing Around Some More: The Spider-Verse Web-Shooters

Get swinging again in Battle Royale with Spider-Man’s Web-Shooters. This time matching Miles Morales’ suit, these web-shooters are now known as the Spider-Verse Web-Shooters! Find them from the ground or exchange Bars for them from Spider-Gwen.

Fortnite Spider-Verse Web-Shooters

The Spider-Verse Web-Shooters will come in handy for the Week 11 Quests in Battle Royale. Most of these Quests reward XP, while one of them rewards the Silk & Cologne (EI8HT version) Lobby Track. This Lobby Track features a song from the upcoming Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse film!

Fortnite Silk and Cologne (EI8HT version) Lobby Track

Spider-Man (Miles Morales) and Spider-Man 2099

Two new friendly neighborhood Spider-Men, along with matching accessories, are available now in the Item Shop:

Spider-Man (Miles Morales)

Fortnite Spider-Man (Miles Morales) Outfit

With great ability comes great accountability. 

The Spider-Man (Miles Morales) Outfit comes with the masked Earth 1610 alt Style and includes the Spider-Verse Portal Back Bling. Also available in the Shop, perform a pork chop with the Spider-Ham's Mallet Pickaxe. Get hammy and go whammy: Spider-Ham’s Mallet Pickaxe has the built-in Put 'er There Emote

Spider-Man 2099

Fortnite Spider-Man 2099 Outfit

Spider-Man 2099 (a.k.a. Brilliant geneticist Miguel O'Hara).

Included with the Spider-Man 2099 Outfit is the 2099 Web Cape Back Bling, fresh from the future. (This Back Bling is reactive — watch it dematerialize when you go DBNO!) If you’re wanting to splice n’ dice, the dual-wield 928 Axes Pickaxe is also available in the Shop.

Get Spider-Man (Miles Morales) and Spider-Man 2099 in the Across the Spider-Verse Bundle

The Spider-Man (Miles Morales) Outfit (+ Spider-Verse Portal Back Bling), Spider-Ham’s Mallet Pickaxe (+ Put ‘er There Emote), Spider-Man 2099 Outfit (+ 2099 Web Cape Back Bling), and 928 Axes Pickaxe can be purchased individually or via the Across the Spider-Verse Bundle, which additionally includes the MEGA City Swing Loading Screen:

Fortnite MEGA City Swing Loading Screen

Dimensions collide...

Be the hero MEGA City needs against Highcard and his henchmen.

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