Fortnite The Block 2.0

The Block 2.0 Comes to Fortnite Battle Royale & Zero Build

The Fortnite Team

Tilted Towers may have been destroyed, but it can be rebuilt with The Block 2.0! 

Submit your very own designs that could end up on everyone's favorite block. A select group of creators may find their designs featured in-game to be voted on by the community. Creators with the most votes may find their block creations featured across both Battle Royale and Zero Build!

New Device & Galleries

In support of The Block 2.0 we’re releasing a variety of galleries and the Level Instance Device to enhance your creative experience. The Level Instance Device can be placed on an island as a volume, and props, buildings, or other objects can be placed inside that volume to save as a new level instance. This allows creators to easily copy and replicate designs across their island.

We’ve added sixteen Galleries of Props, Floors, Stairs and Walls for you to design your building. Please note you may only utilize items listed under The Block 2.0 filter option within the Gallery Tab when creating your submission.

What makes for a good building in Fortnite Battle Royale & Zero Build?

Consider these pro tips from our Level Design team when creating your building:

Advanced Movement

Take advantage of sliding, mantling, and sprint jumping. Create scenarios  specifically for these abilities like a partially open garage door, a hole in the floor above, or perfectly spaced opposing rooftops. 


Consider how building interacts with your structure and how it can become a valuable asset. Can you get to the floor above with a cleverly placed ramp? Is there a place to build a wall that stops enemy players in their tracks? Is there an open skylight that can be closed to offer more protection? 


When considering the flow of a space, place props along walls in locations where players won't bump into them while navigating. In the best play spaces, players will be able to move smoothly and will never be impeded by the environment. 

Be sure to avoid dead ends as much as possible. Players should be able to continuously move forward, unless specifically stopping to explore a room for looting. 


Each space should tell a story. "A competitive hot dog eater lives here", "the restaurant employees take Slurp breaks in the alley", or even something as simple as "this is a messy bedroom". Use similar spaces and situations to real life that build a connection to other players and make your spaces relatable.


When building the narrative of your space, use the minimal amount of props to sell your story. Low density improves flow, makes the game perform better, and improves clarity when trying to see enemy players.

Fight Direction

When blocking out your building, consider the expected fight direction of each floor and room. When entering a space players should be able to instantly read where possible threats could appear from, including opposing entry points. 

Ground Floor

The ground floor is the primary means for players to enter and exit a building. This floor should be a place of refuge and an ideal space for players to heal and loot. 

Line of Sight

Opposing players will encounter each other inside your building. Protect the players inside by limiting the number of windows that expose the interior space to the outside. 


Upon entering a room, it should be immediately clear what options the player has for navigation. Stairs tell the player they can go up and down, a door tells the player there is exploration, corners can lead the player through the space. Don't overwhelm the player with too many options. 

Looking for further guidance? Read more about design and player experiences best practices here.

Submission Criteria

  • Only one map per creator will be accepted
    • If you submit more than one map, all submissions will be rejected.
  • All maps must be original work
    • If you use real life references or other external inspirations while creating, please save those references and disclose them to Epic at the time of your submission.
  • You must use one of the provided templates as listed below:
    • The Block 2.0 Apartments Template 
    • The Block 2.0 Restaurant Template 
    • The Block 2.0 Shops Template
  • You must design the building on the appropriate template.
    • Apartment buildings must be designed on the Apartments Template
    • Restaurants must be designed on the Restaurant Template 
    • Shops must be designed on the Shops Template
  • You may only use assets from galleries that appear under The Block 2.0 filter
    • There are no restrictions on which galleries you use from The Block 2.0 filter for specific buildings. Any assets within that filter can be used for any building type.
  • When you load your desired template, do not customize any of the settings. 
    • If you change the settings, your building will be automatically disqualified.
  • The default height for all templates is set to 5. 
    • You do not need to build to the maximum height, but you cannot build any higher than 5.
  • The width and depth of the devices have been preset for each location/template. 
    • Do not adjust the size of the device’s volume.
  • Submissions must be entirely new work
    • Any map considered for featuring must be a brand new creation published during the callout period.
  • You must include a static image of your building with your submission.
  • No updates will be accepted after you submit your island
    • Make sure you’re happy with your creation before you submit as no revision will be allowed.

How will featured block creations be selected? 

Fortnite Battle Royale and Zero Build level designers (the “Level Designers”) will review submissions on a rolling basis and make their selections in their sole and absolute discretion (i.e., the Level Designers reserve the right not to select any content submitted through this promotion). Up to three submissions for each building type (The Restaurant, The Apartments, The Shops) may be selected by the Level Designers to be featured in-game for the community to vote on over a twenty day period. Each building type will have a separate voting windows as outlined below: 

  • The Restaurant : 7/21 8:00 am ET - 7/27 4:00 pm ET 
  • The Apartments : 7/27 4:00 pm ET - 8/3 12:00 am ET
  • The Shops : 8/3 12:00 am ET - 8/9 8:00 am ET 

Voting will occur in-game and The Block 2.0 featured creations will be announced after all voting has concluded!


The Block 2.0 submission: Use the dropdown “The Block 2.0” in the Fortnite Discover Submission form by June 15, 2022, 11:59pm ET.

Remember that all submissions must be original work and be sure to follow the Fortnite Creative featured content guidelines.