TheGrefg Enters the Fortnite Icon Series!

The Fortnite Team

The Fortnite Icon Series welcomes its next creator: TheGrefg! (And you thought he’d never get here.) 

As you may have seen earlier, TheGrefg gave a first look of his upcoming set, which includes:

  • TheGrefg Outfit (A reactive Outfit… Turn him red and electrified!)

  • The controller-inspired Staff of Control Pickaxe 

  • The orb-composed Balls of Power Back Bling

  • The Controller Crew Emote (A gamepad good time.)

Thegrefg Fortnite Icon Series Set

The Controller Crew Emote in action:

TheGrefg’s full set will be available in the Item Shop individually or as part of TheGrefg Bundle starting Saturday, January 16 at 7 PM ET. However, players will have a chance to get their grip on the set early…

Introducing: Grefg’s Floor is Lava Tournament!

On Thursday, January 14 and Friday, January 15, tournaments will take place based on TheGrefg’s favorite LTM: The Floor is Lava! Each day will have different cosmetics from TheGrefg set available to unlock by placing high enough on the leaderboards. Winners will receive their TheGrefg items before they hit the Item Shop!

Grefg Floor Is Lava Tournament Fortnite

The rundown of the tournament? It’s all about going up. Once the dangerous lava starts rising, try your best to stay on the high ground! As you’re avoiding the lava, take your best shot at opponents by throwing what you find. When you eliminate your opponents, you’ll Siphon their Health. 

Some more info:

  • Traditional weapons are swapped with an infinite Harpoon Gun and a ton of explosives!

  • The infinite Harpoon Gun only deals 1 damage to players but 150 to buildings.

  • Equip your Pickaxe to help you run faster to avoid the lava.

Floor is Lava Team Sizes and Tournament Dates

Grefg’s Floor is Lava Tournament will be available in both Squads and Solo, with Squads taking place on January 14 and Solo on January 15. Specific timing for your region can be found in-game in the Compete tab.

Before competing, check out the official rules of Grefg's Floor is Lava Tournament:

Solo Rules

Squads Rules

Beat the heat and take control of victory!

Grefg World

In case you missed it, you can visit a Grefg-inspired island in Fortnite Creative right now. In Grefg World, made by community members Iscariote and Hooshen, play through levels that get harder and harder. Enter the island through the Featured Hub and see how far you can get!