Ticket to Win It in the Rally Royale LTM!

By The Fortnite Team

Speed, strength, and smarts are the keys to winning in Rally Royale. In this new LTM, dash your way to the golden tickets you need to cross the finish line. After you rack up a stack full of tickets, cross the finish line at the end of the route to win the race! 

Fortnite Rally Royale Ltm

Sent from the sky, golden tickets can be found in Supply Drops. To get yourself to tickets fast, Rally Royale has all the equipment you need, from Choppas, Motorboats, lots of cars, and even some rapid traversal items! Speed away in a vehicle or belt it on-foot.

Also remember that a good attack plan can clear your road to victory. Grab a combat item and go on the offensive against other racers. There’s not only one right way to win the gold in Rally Royale!