The Fortnite Team

With this week’s special event, Travis Scott’s Astronomical, we’re putting together some helpful tips for our content creators to have the best possible experience while showcasing the event with your communities.

  • Review the Fortnite Content Guidelines.
  • Check the schedule for the date and time that works best for you and plan on getting into the game 30 minutes early. Full schedule at
  • We’ve worked with our partners to ensure that content creators can share this one-of-a-kind experience with their communities. You should be able to stream, make videos, and share across all platforms from April 23rd - May 23rd, without copyright claims or demonetization on content from the Astronomical experience. After that 30 day window has passed, your video will be demonetized, but no strikes or takedowns should be issued. 
    • To ensure you can share your video content as safely as possible, we suggest you include “TRAVIS SCOTT” in the title of your videos.

*If you receive a Copyright Strike prior to May 23rd on Astronomical videos, please appeal the claim directly with the rights holders.  

  • Flip on your Creator Options to avoid most licensed audio in Fornite that might cause you issues. As a creator, you can use this setting to avoid playing licensed audio (such as Emotes) in your games. 

**Note: This setting does not apply to the music within Astronomical.

  • Don’t forget to promote your Creator Code, so your fans can support you when they make a purchase in the Fortnite Item Shop or Epic Games Store!