Unreal New Hero in Fortnite: Meet Windwalker Echo

The Fortnite Team

You’ve seen her before. Mysterious and amazing, Windwalker Echo is the hero from 2020’s Unreal Engine 5 reveal, and begins a new journey in Fortnite. Find her in the Item Shop tonight!

Fortnite Windwalker Echo

Ready to Soar: Windwalker Echo is ready for the Battle Bus

Alongside her arrival, Windwalker Echo once again stars in a new Unreal Engine video. Slay is a new animation project by Mold3D Studio powered by Unreal Engine. Watch it below...

Animation sample project powered by Unreal Engine

#Fortography: Players and Developers Unite

Windwalker Echo also stars in the newest edition of #Fortography. Known for soaring across worlds, we can’t wait to see (and share) your screenshots showcasing heroes soaring above the Island sky. The heroes you choose can be Echo or any other Fortnite hero! 

You can share your images with the #Fortography hashtag on Twitter and/or the Fortography post flair on r/FortNiteBR. We’ll be highlighting some of our favorite screenshots in a blog post on Friday, September 17, 2021 (ET).


For the Unreal developer community, Windwalker Echo is now available for download, with the entire Slay sample project to follow shortly. Join the Unreal Engine community in creating your own Slay animation and share your best videos and screenshots using the #UnrealEcho hashtag.