Update to Currency for Non-Founders

The Fortnite Team
Hey Fortnite community,

We’re introducing a new currency type in v9.40 for non founding Save the World players that we’re calling X-Ray Tickets. X-Ray tickets will replace V-Bucks for all non founding players and can be earned by taking part in quests, missions alerts, and daily login rewards. You’ll be able to use this currency exclusively on X-Ray Llamas within Save the World and does not cross over into Battle Royale.

Redeeming tickets for an X-Ray Llama will consume your X-Ray Tickets before using your V-Bucks. If your account does not have enough tickets, it will then swap to using V-Bucks for the purchase instead. 

Earning a steady stream of Llamas is an important part of Save the World. This change gives non-founders the ability to continue progressing smoothly through the game, while gradually building up their power and collection just by logging in and playing.

What does this mean for existing founders?

All currently available Founders Packs will continue to reward V-Bucks in place of X-Ray Tickets when doing daily quests, missions alerts, and from daily login rewards. This change will have no impact on any player who is currently classified as a Save the World founder.

What classifies as a founder?

Any player who purchased any of the following Fortnite editions are classified as a founder:
  • Standard Edition (or Friend Code redemption)
  • Deluxe Edition
  • Super Deluxe Edition
  • Limited Edition
  • Ultimate Edition 

How do I become an official founder?

Any non-founding player can become a founder by purchasing any standard or deluxe edition from Fortnite.com or from their respective PS4 or Xbox One stores.

Do X-Ray Tickets convert to V-Bucks after becoming a founder? 

After upgrading to a founders edition of the game, any accumulated X-Ray Tickets can be found in the resources tab of the armory and spent on X-Ray Llamas. These X-Ray Tickets will not convert directly to V-Bucks but you will be able to spend them on X-Ray Llamas.

Owners of the Xbox Eon Bundle will continue earning V-Bucks with the release of Season 10. Eon Bundle owners will also be granted a Troll Truck Llama and any remaining X-Ray tickets will be converted into V-Bucks when Season 10 launches.