Rocket League Live Worlds

Watch “Rocket League Live Worlds” in Fortnite

The Fortnite Team

Rocket League Live is going big! From August 9 to August 14, 2022, boost your way inside Fortnite to watch the Rocket League World Championship live on the big screen, plus earn in-game rewards during the match breaks.

*From August 9 to 11, the stream will begin at 11:30 AM ET. And from August 12 to 14, the stream will begin half an hour earlier at 11 AM ET!

Fortnite Champions Field Island


Rocket League Live… Rumble!

Things are a little different this time and even more is on the line, as each Rocket League match ends with a Team Rumble among the audience, meaning you! 

Before each match, choose the Rocket League team you are going to back, then every time your supported team scores a goal, you’ll gain a power-up on the Rocket League Live island. The more your team scores, the more power-ups for you! Power-ups are granted automatically based on what’s happening in the Rocket League match you’re watching,

Power-ups aren’t the only advantage. Once a Rocket League match ends, the Team Rumble begins and those who selected the winners will automatically start with upgraded weapons. (Note: If you exit the island, your power-ups will reset and you won’t keep the same weapons.)

Complete Quests to Earn Items in Fortnite! 

Fortnite Rocket League Rewards

Complete special Quests – found in the Quests page – while on the Rocket League Live island to earn awesome in-game rewards for Fortnite: 

  • Rocket League Trophy Back Bling: Go for the goal.
  • Regal Rocket Glider: The original aerial. 
  • Nice Shot! Emoticon
  • Golden Goal Spray

Claim rewards in Rocket League!

To celebrate Rocket League Live Worlds, you can also score rewards in Rocket League by entering the code “RocketLeagueLive” in-game! 

  • Neon Runner Banner
  • Hustle Brows Topper
  • Aero Mage Wheels
  • RLCS Theme Anthem

How to Redeem the Rocket League Items

  • Open up Rocket League (these items are only available inside of Rocket League).
  • Head to “Settings” inside of Rocket League.
  • Select “Extras.”
  • Select “Redeem Code.”
  • Enter the code “RocketLeagueLive.”
  • This code will grant you all of the Rocket League items listed above.