Welcome to the Fortnite Football Club

The Fortnite Team
Bound By Battle.

Some of the most celebrated Fortnite Icons are coming together to create a super team that will dominate the pitch AND the battle. LeBron James, Neymar Jr, Chloe Kim, and TheGrefg — together with the always competitive Sparkplug — are teaming up to lead the Fortnite Football Club to victory. Their Fortnite FC Outfits are available starting 7 PM ET on December 1 in the Item Shop, and you yourself can get in on the game with the Fortnite FC Academy!

Build Your Skills at the Fortnite FC Academy

Fortnite Fc Academy 0992 0392 5815

Starting now, follow the career of a footballer as you make your way through the Fortnite FC Academy. In this island by creator team Alliance Studios, players will train and choose classes as they compete in “Drive the Flag” battles and rise through the ranks towards the ultimate goal of getting signed to Fortnite FC. (Fortnite FC Academy island code: 0992-0392-5815)

As an extra goal, win three matches in the Fortnite FC Academy island to unlock the Football Tag Spray! (First, log into Fortnite’s FC Academy website with your Epic account for your win progress to be tracked.)
Fortnite Football Tag Spray

How to Get the Football Tag Spray

  1. Log into Fortnite’s FC Academy website with your Epic account for your win progress to be tracked.
  2. Enter the Fortnite FC Academy island code in Fortnite. (Island code: 0992-0392-5815)
  3. Win three matches within the island before 12 AM ET on December 7.
  4. Be rewarded with the Spray!
Please note, reward will be granted directly to the recipient’s Epic account within approximately seven days of reaching the relevant reward level.

Fortnite Football Club Outfits: Put on a New Uniform

Fortnite Football Club Outfits

Rep the FFC on the field, off the field, at home, or on the road. Each Outfit comes with two alt Styles — Home Kit and Away Kit — in addition to its default, off the field Style.

Outfit Roster

  • FFC Sparkplug: Charge up.
  • FFC LeBron James: Nothing but… net.
  • FFC Neymar Jr: Knows a thing or two.
  • FFC Chloe Kim: Already a master of fancy footwork.
  • FFC TheGrefg: Keep the ball under control.
To keep opponents on their toes, you can choose different looks for the Outfits in your Locker. For both the default and alt Styles, the following customizable accent colors are available:
  • Red
  • Purple
  • Yellow
  • Black
  • Gray
  • Light Gray
The LeBron and Chloe Kim Outfits feature authentic Nike Mercurial cleats with customizable colorways. Also, gear up and come prepared for every match with the official FFC Back Bling, the FFC Souvenir Backpack.
22BR FFC Social Social

Enter the pitch and battle ready to play.